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DAVID DOBRIK – Everything YOU Need to Know | America’s Most Musical Family

(audience cheering)
(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Okay, do you guys even know who’s judging “America’s
Most Musical Family”? David Dobrik. He’s YouTube famous, you guys. – You guys ready? – [Narrator] Like, really famous. – High five? (laughing) – [Narrator] With almost
14 million subscribers on his main page, and another
six million on his second! – Have you ever just felt
like you’re not going anywhere in life and like you’re stuck in one spot? – [Narrator] He started
making videos on Vine. It’s an app like TikTok,
but super ancient. Now he makes stuff with his friends. – [David] Try my sandwich. – [Narrator] The videos
are like messing around. – That was the weirdest
kiss ever! (laughs) – [Narrator] Or giving away stuff. – [David] Take ’em. – [Narrator] Question is,
which David are we going to get on the show? The prankster, the goofball,
or the philanthropist? – It’s like you guys auditioned
to be in this family. – [Narrator] People love David Dobrik! And now he’s judging “America’s
Most Musical Family”. – It felt like I was in the band. – [Narrator] Legit he
makes the judges table as entertaining as the bands onstage. – I got so excited, I was
like, keep goin’, keep goin’! – [Narrator] I’m going to
watch it because literally, I stan David Dobrik. (upbeat music)


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