David Bellavia receiving the Medal of Honor

thank you David exemplifies the Warrior Ethos it gave his father all of the heroes of Normandy spring to defeat evil exactly 75 years ago I hear that this woman's father Joseph 99 years older than that today he's watching this ceremony in his home gym seven of you are a lot of people like she did come Rockies was super heroes and great people like stepson Bellavia who's incredible spirit and then wavering resolved at peace our enemies protect our freedoms and defends over in America flag day today we honor your extraordinary courage we salute your selfless service and we thank you for carrying on the legacy of American value that has always made less innovation is focused and might use anywhere in the world and we're doing better today you're stronger now we're doing better before the sitting records before for something we appreciated and now on the very place estimate if you come forward while I present the Congressional Medal of Honor to Staff Sergeant David Bellavia please [Laughter] from staff sergeant royalty of ultimately cleared an entire individual house destroyed the insurgents and a beautiful staff sergeant Murphy is bravery safety actions are [Applause] [Applause] you


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