David Bellavia awarded the Medal of Honor

thanks Michael well tonight area landmarks are once again lit up in gold and blue for Army Staff Sergeant David Bellavia who just a few hours ago was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Trump today is my privilege to award the highest military honour to an American soldier who demonstrated exceptional courage to protect his men and defend our nation will you please join me in welcoming Staff Sergeant David Bellavia David [Applause] Bellavia is now the first living recipient from our most recent war in iraq to receive this medal for his heroic actions when he took out several insurgents and saved his comrades in Fallujah and two on your side's Dave McKinley was lucky enough to see it all happen in person and he reports from the White House over the past couple of days we heard from David Bellavia himself telling us that the whole experience was surreal well for about 250 people gathered in the East Room of the White House here this afternoon it was a surreal experience just to watch the President of the United States draped the Medal of Honor around the neck of this native son of western New York congratulations in the audience to members of Congress five gold star families eight Medal of Honor winners and 32 members of the platoon that Bellavia served with in Iraq this entire thing is I can't even comprehend it but again I just want to come on thank my army for giving me purpose and meaning and direction it's an absolute honor to serve in the US military and to serve with those fine men that you saw on that stage today Staff Sergeant Bella Bellavia was asked by the army who he's going to be doing some promotional work for not to take any questions afterward only make a statement but if this was going to be some sort of Academy Award type moment for him then it seemed that he was going to take the opportunity to recognize his comrades and suggest that they should take about the Iraq war veteran has nothing to apologize for whatsoever now we served our country we served and upheld the finest traditions that sometimes exceeded the finest traditions of any generation at war I'm proud to be an Iraq war veteran I'm proud to stand with the men and women who served in Iraq I am pleased I'm more pleased to see how David's handling it because when you see someone honored at this level you don't know what to expect from them and David is making it more about his brothers and arms his his you know battle buddies than he is about himself among the guests in the East Room today was David bellavia's publicist who confirmed once again today that the possibility of a movie about his gallantry in the Iraq war is still a distinct possibility at the White House date the killing channel 2 News


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