Dave Rose | Deep South Entertainment in Raleigh, N.C.

my name is Dave rose and deep south entertainment locally were a concert production company we produce some of the concerts and events in North Carolina but we also own a small live music venue appropriately called Deep South the barn so we started out as a record label in 1995 and we certain antigen bands these bands would travel the country playing festivals and outdoor events and all over the nation and we were really able to take away what was good and bad about events and we brought that into Raleigh we started revitalizing downtown and started trying to get some concerts downtown and I think that's shown you know what's great about Raleigh is a lot of people come to it for technology or for education or for reasons other than music but these same creative people who are innovative in technology or pharmaceuticals or education they play in bands they play instruments and really on any given night seven nights a week you can hear jazz you can hear hip-hop you can hear bluegrass you can Iraq there's something going on every week there's festivals as a State Fair but even in between all those big major events there's really I mean every Thursday every Friday there's a series music series ranging from bluegrass to beach music so yeah I would encourage anyone visiting Raleigh check the music hound if you're going to find something you love I'm sure of it I think Raleigh is becoming such an attractive place to visit because of its diverse options both in food and beer and museums and definitely music I think you can come to Raleigh with a diverse group of family members or friends and really please them all because there's something for everyone here that's not something new as something that's ingrained in our culture here or diverse and we're welcome you

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