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Dave Matthews Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

RJ here hanging out at the Young Hollywood studio
with the one and only Dave Matthews. I feel like I’ve broken the rules. At least this Young Hollywood. I’m not either. I’m sort of old Seattle. No not even that. That’s sad. I’m not old, I’m middle aged Forty is the new forty. Lots of wtuff we want to talk to
you about. We’ve got Grammys coming up. Fifteen nominations that you have now in your career. Not this year. For a second I was like what.
Oh you didn’t hear that? You have fourteen more. I got like a nods. They give you a nods. But I haven’t quite mastered the actual victory. So it’s sort of like a oh, awe. That’s how it feels like to get nominated. Right. I’m not, cause it’s great but then when you lose it’s just, it feels like losing still. Right. Anyway, that’s not important because that’s not what really matters. What matters now, this is even better. My friend Tim Reynolds, we were nominated for best rock instrumental. It’s just him. Live by himself with his guitar alone. I at that point in the show I say, I’m going to let Tim play something and then I get up and I walk away. Then he plays and every time he does it
it’s never the same. It’s always different because he’s out of his mind. Right. He
never does the same thing twice and he does whatever he did and then I got a Grammy nomination. And there you go. The rest is history. Now was there one moment in your life that was sort of that epiphany that guided you to get where you are right now? I was
being an idiot when I was six again, a hundred years ago. I was singing like an idiot, which is one
of the things I like to do. Particularly like an idiot and my father said, you sing so well that you can sing out of tune. And I remember that was one of the moments of my life that that I think of that transformed me and made me think I can sing. It’s like I turn down things So that’s how I got myself. It’s just, I don’t say yes to everything. I just say yes to some stuff and that’s how I guide myself. It’s all about the guidance and how you do it. I
just say no no no no. It’s like skiing.


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