DarksydePhil the "Entertainer"

this is a thing you can't have a bullet which people complain Oh Phil doesn't play challenging enough games he's playing easy road it's not fun to watch because you know if our old line gives it easy and shape dad play a hard game Oh Phil's like interacting with stream chat off no really I mean it off if that's your mentality you're just never happy you always move the goalposts to make me the person who's not a good content creator you really it's just I'm tired of it I'm tired for the whiny kids who just make up out of no matter what I'm in the wrong and I'm not entertaining in no you're just a dickhead that's what it is your dick a few moments later how wow how Wow our vici fighters did a 500 bit cheers this is the last time you're gonna play Super Mario maker – can you please check out the multiplayer no I really don't have any desire to check out the multiplayer dude just being honest thanks for the money dummies what is my favorite burger copping a bun the top half of the bun is my favorite burger topping


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