Daniela, sinubukan habulin ang pag-alis ng kanyang Ama | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

I’m looking for a man
who’s around this height. He’s dark-skinned
and well built. He’s dark-skinned
and well built. Have you seen anyone
matching that description? Why are you looking
for him here? He has white hair.
Have you seen anyone– Love! Love, we need to go! Hurry!
I’ll pack our things! Why? Someone’s looking for you. He’s been asking around! Who? Him! Do you know him? Let’s go! Wait! My bag! Our money’s in there! Love? Love? Love? Love?! Love?! Love! Love, open the door! Open it! Love! Okay, we’ll leave now! Wait! Wait! Thank goodness I made it! Where’s your wife? She’s not coming
with me tonight. Thank you, mister. I knew you’d be here. Where is he? Where’s my dad? Obviously, he’s not with me. Obviously, he’s not with me. Alvin, a simple “no”
would have sufficed! Excuse me! Have you seen this man? He’s my dad. I need to see him. Oh, him? He lives with Eva
over there. He’s with someone? Who are you? I should be the one asking that. Do you live in this house? Are you Eva? Where’s my dad? Where did you take him? What are you talking about? That’s my husband! He’s my husband! What the hell are you saying?! You… Where did you take him?! Where’s my husband?! Where are you hiding him?! Answer me! Where is he?! Dad? Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Daddy!

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