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Daniela, nagsimula na magkaroon ng problema sa kompanya dahil kay Romina | Kadenang Ginto

We have a major
problem, Dani girl. Romina’s still trying
to go against you! What’s up with you? It’s nothing, Ate. I guess I’m still
not comfortable about the location
of our new office. I mean, it’s great and all. But did we really
have to build it here? Neil, Daniela doesn’t
own this place, so she has no say
over our office. I purposely built
our office near hers so I can monitor
her every move I’m so proud of you, Ate. – Congratulations.
– Thank you. What the hell is
going on here?! Your mortal enemy, Romina. Thank you, Father. Romina! Daniela. What a surprise. Are you here to join us
for the ribbon cutting? Ribbon cutting? Yeah. For my new office. From now on, our office
will be right next to Camila. What the hell? Are you really testing me? What do you think? You’re just setting yourself up
for more suffering, Romina. No, Daniela. This is a sign that
I’m rising up. I told you I’ll take back
everything you stole from me. Well, I’m just getting started So watch your back. Who knows? One day,
when you wake up, these two buildings
might already be mine. Have you taken steps to
maintain our number one spot? I’m confident. Camila has always
remained on top. Two months, Daniela. That’s all it took for Romina’s
to make it to second place, coming from bottom ten. How can you still be
so confident? Because Romina’s
is just a novelty. Camila has been tried and tested
regardless of any competition. We are the ones the
consumers choose. I promise you that your fears
will not be realized. I’m always prepared. I hope you’re not being
too overly confident. It doesn’t reflect on
our decreasing sales. We have to keep up in this
current quarter to stay on top. Or else, Romina will
leave us in the dust. See? She already
bought a building. We need a new approach
for the market. And we need to stop
bleeding money. I suggest we give up some of
the products in our portfolio that are not selling well. – Like Daniela’s.
– Excuse me? Let’s admit it, Daniela. Daniela’s is a misstep
for the company. That product was only launched
and released recently. Why don’t you give
it a chance? Give me until this quarter. We’ve put a lot of trust
in you, Daniela. Please don’t waste that. I can guarantee you, I will not waste the trust
you’ve given me. Thank you. What now, Dani girl? We’ll get through this. Tell Tita to come back
from her vacation. This is code red. – Hello, Romina?
– Hello, Jepoy. So, how did Daniela take it? Oh, she’s fuming mad. She didn’t expect that we’d move
to the building beside Camila. That’s just the beginning. I also heard that some
board members arrived earlier. Looks like Camila’s
in big trouble. I specifically asked you
to look for Auntie. So where is she now? Dani… …I’ve been trying
to reach her, but she hasn’t returned
a single call nor message. Her secretary doesn’t know where
she went for vacation, either. I’ve done everything I can,
okay? Well, just keep trying
to reach her. She’s the only person
who can access our books, so we need her back here
the soonest! I told you, nobody knows
where she is right now. That’s why I’m asking you
to find her, Savannah! I don’t care where she is,
just find her!


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