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Daniela, isinugal ang lahat kay Romina | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Bring this to HR, okay? – Thank you.
– Yes, ma’am. Hello, Daniela. Are you here to
take your things? There isn’t much left. You know that I didn’t
come here for that. It didn’t have to
escalate into this if you only listened to me. You still have time to
rethink your decision. Own up to your mistakes
and I will help you. Romina, you may have
taken my company, but you won’t
take away my pride. Enough with this chit-chat. I’m not here for
your pity party. Do you think I’m enjoying
this conversation? The same goes for me.
So what are you doing here? I want to have a bet with you.
Winner takes all. What kind of bet? If you lose, you will
return Camila to me. And if you lose? Your call. You name it. What do you want? The mansion. I know you mortgaged it. Let me pay for it. And you will give it
to me if you lose. Feisty. Don’t get your
hopes up, Romina. You might get hurt once
it comes crashing down. So, how should we
settle this bet? We’ll play a game. Chess. Alright. Deal. Let’s make it official. So you can’t weasel your
way out once you lose. Coming back to the mansion
was the right decision. You can still save
your marriage. That still won’t solve
Daniela’s problems, especially after what happened. Why, what happened? Daniela’s having trouble
financially. She lost the company.
She sold all her shares. And you weren’t by her side
while all this was happening? Son, you have to show her
that you can take care of her, and that you won’t leave her. She needs you right now. Tay, I’m only staying there
for my baby. I can’t meddle in
her affairs anymore. And you think your baby
won’t get affected by Daniela facing
all her problems alone? Carlos, your wife and
your baby share one body. That’s why you have to
take care of Daniela, too. Secure that. Wait, Daniela. I’m just a little confused
by your plan. You’re risking everything
you own on a game of chess? Savannah, that’s how
Dad and I used to bond. I used to beat him. You know, maybe he was
preparing me for this very day. He knew I’d have to take back
what’s rightfully mine. Romina may know how to play, but she has a very slim
chance of winning. I have faith in you. Just do your best later, okay? Let’s go. I’m getting
my company back. All set! After all the times
you fought with me, you’ve still learned nothing. I don’t need your lecture
right now, stepmother. You underestimate me. You always think you have
all the answers. That’s your weakness. You talk too much. Just shut up and keep playing. You failed to realize… that I was setting up… …for this last move. Checkmate. No… That’s impossible! In case you’ve forgotten,
I grew up on the streets. I grew up watching
experts play chess. And you’re not the only one
who learned from Robert. He taught Cassie, too. You think I didn’t learn
anything from them? You cheated!
You planned everything! Learn to accept your loss! Besides, this was
your idea, remember?


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