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Daniela, binangga ang sasakyan ni Romina | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Thank you.
Tito, where’s Mama? She’s not home yet.
She’s busy with work. She has a meeting today. Really? Let’s wait for her so we
can have dinner together. Hello, Bonita. Tell them I’ll be there
in an hour, okay? Thank you. Bye! Hello, Romina. What’s up? Leon? Someone’s following me.
I can’t tell who it is. I have a bad feeling
about the driver. Where are you?
I’ll come to you. I’m here along Tubo Road. Who is this? Why is she in our home?! We’re married now. I give and bequeath to my wife,
Romina Andrada-Mondragon, 50% of my shares and assets in
the company Camila Sardines. The remaining 50% will be
equally divided to my daughters, Daniela Mondragon-Bartolome and Cassandra
Andrada-Mondragon. Cassie is my sister. Dad was the one
who raped Romina. You’ve known about
this all this time?! All this time, I’ve been
making Cassie believe that she’s not a
real Mondragon! But in truth, she’s
Lolo Dad’s real daughter! You made me feel
like a loser. There’s no reason for
us to stay together. I’m leaving you. Your husband has finally
realized what you’ve done! Your past has
caught up with you! It’s time for you to pay! Tell me you didn’t say
that you love Romina. I’m sorry. They’re here to escort you out. You’ve lost your rights
to this company because Camila is
mine once again. If anything happens to
our child, you’ll regret it. If she didn’t take
everything from me, I wouldn’t lose my baby. I will avenge you. Cassie, don’t touch that! Don’t pick that up.
You’ll get hurt! Wait here. I’ll get a broom.
Don’t touch anything. My goodness! Romina! Help them! Hurry! Help me, please. Here. Take her
to the hospital. I feel sorry for her. Make way! Hurry! Go on, sir. Take her to the hospital. Hurry, sir! Romina, hang in there. We’re almost at the hospital. I need your help.


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