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Dance Moms: Lilly’s PERFECT SCORE Makes Waves (Season 8) | Lifetime

It was really cool to
see you recreate my dances. I think, Ali, you did
Carrie phenomenal. I think, Lilly,
it was incredible. And I’m really happy. You guys made me proud. Aw. Lilly, I thought
your control was great. Pat yourself on the back, kid. Well, you can’t with
your hands tied. But. Elliana, I think
you looked great. And I just thought your
acting was outstanding. But I just don’t think your
dancing is where it was. We know what you’re capable of. All right. I think we need to get
ready for the group dance. Shower, brain in your head. You have to come out and
be amazing in this number. If Abby’s not going
to boost Elliana up when she needs to
be, then I have to question if this is the
right environment for Elliana. CONTEST ANNOUNCER: Here we go. Top junior soloists. You did everything that
you were asked to do. ELLIANA: It all depends
on what the judges like. So I’m pretty nervous, but I
feel like it’s out of my hands. CONTEST ANNOUNCER: The
third highest score– “Carrie,” Elliana, Abby Lee. ELLIANA: I am upset
that I didn’t win. I should’ve been
second, or even first. So I’m a little scared
because I’m just imagining what Ms. Abby is going to say. CONTEST ANNOUNCER: The
second highest score. “Suspense,” Ali from
Elite Dance by Damian. LILLIANA: Elliana was third. And I watched Elliana. Elliana was good. So right now I’m worried
that I didn’t place at all. Great. CONTEST ANNOUNCER: Now our
first and our highest score, with a score of 300 points. “Straight Escape!” Lilliana, A-L-D-C! Whoo! A perfect 300 does
not happen often. It’s insane. What? I got first place. I got a perfect score– a 300. And it feels really good to
be in that perfect score club. Feels pretty freaking cool. ABBY: Lilly, you were the first
overall high score for the day and a perfect score of 300. That’s only been done since
I started the Junior Lee Competition team it’s been– Three times on the team. Three times on the team. So. Wow. Whoo! ABBY: I think this is one
of the best solos that ever competed from the ALDC. But other than Lilly, this
week was a huge disappointment. Elliana, you were third. When you were on
the team before, you were threatening kids
that were 14 and 15 years old. You were a huge threat to them. YOLANDA: And you know what? It would’ve been
nice if you would have been invested
in my daughter like you were invested in hers. Ooh. Walk, walk. Now. ABBY: Lilly beat the crap out of
your kid time and time and time again. And since then,
she’s gone downhill. And you know it. YOLANDA: Really? STACEY: You know what? You’re just mad you
didn’t win today. YOLANDA: If my
daughter had lied– STACEY: That’s that. You’re just mad you didn’t win. You can’t handle it. [interposing voices]
– We just need to move on! STACEY: You can’t handle it. My kid’s the best
dancer in America. Your kid got third place. That’s what your kid got. You guys need to
take care of your kids. And like, the people that came
before you built a huge legacy. I think the world is waiting. They want it to fail. There’s no reason
for it to fail. Carry the legacy on.


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