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Dan + Shay Talk First Grammy Win with ‘Tequila’ & Charlie Puth | Grammys

– [Host] We are here
with first time nominees and first time winners, Dan + Shay. – Ah, this is crazy, man. I’m on cloud nine right now. It’s been a crazy couple hours and we got to win our
first grammy together, man. This is just nuts. – It feels crazy hearin’ people
say Grammy Award winning, that’s a surreal thing and we’re thankful for
a lot of people man, workin’ hard to to get
us here, believin’ in us and we’re gonna celebrate tonight. We have to preform on the show so we’re like trying to compose ourselves to get it together. – [Host] Did you get to go up on stage and actually accept it yourself? – We did, we did man. We probably forgot a lot of people (laughs) in the moment, but it’s just been crazy man, it’s cool that everybody, not just us but also our families and our
team got to experience this and it just feels
really, really sweet man. It’s a really special one, it’s probably the biggest
moment of our career, so we’re enjoying it. – [Host] You won for best
country duo group performance for “Tequila”, which was
a huge song last year, enormous, all over country radio. Now have the tequila endorsement offers been rolling in ever since then? – I wish, man, I wish. – [Host] What?
– I know right? You gotta get on this for us. Yeah, people have been
very generous with gifts, our liquor cabinets are very stocked. We’re still trying to figure out how we can get an endorsement, you know. It’s a tough thing to do,
we gotta start our own. You wanna get one on with us? – If Little Big Town has their own wine, you can have your own tequila. – We need the tequila,
man, we need to do it. It will happen eventually I’m sure. – Alright, you are like
fans of all sorts of folks, Travis Scott, Justin Timberlake, I think, are just some of the folks
you’ve tweeted about. Is a night like this
really crazy overwhelming? You’re like “Oh my god,
everyone I love is here!” – Seeing Charlie Puth on the screen here, we’re big fans of Charlie Puth, I’m like “Oh my gosh, is he here?” I want to get his autograph,
he’s one of the most genius musicians out there
right now, it’s crazy. – [Host] He’s down the way, probably, you can probably track him down. – Right there, it is crazy man, it’s different then, we’ve obviously been to country awards
before, we’ve seen people that we’ve gotten to meet before, and it’s really, really cool still. But coming here it’s just
a whole another thing. We’ve never met any of these
people and we’re huge fans, so it’s gonna be really cool, man. We’ve got our autograph
books, we’re going around, it’s gonna be pretty good, it’ll be fun. – [Host] You’ve also tweeted about sharing a drunken evening
with Post Malone at one point. (laughing) He’s preforming tonight, is there possibly a
collaboration in the works? He’s kind of country
acousticy at times, you know. – Yeah, we can put that into the world. – Put it out there. – Us and him and Travis Scott, we’re gonna come together
to get a track together. – Yeah we’re big fans of Posty, man. He’s preforming with the
Chili Peppers tonight right? – Yeah. – That’s gonna be good,
that’s gonna be good. – Just get up on stage
with him and do two… – “What the heck, you
guys already preformed, get the heck out of here.” It’s gonna be good. – [Host] Well I hope you guys
have a great time tonight, enjoy yourselves, you’re already a winner so it’s all just sort
of downhill from here. – It’s crazy man, thank
you for saying that, thank you for all the kind words, I can contain it right now. I think I’m gonna go get a drink of tequila probably right now. – Feels good man.
– Cool down. – Thank you so much.


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