Dalhousie University Alumni Aurum Awards 2019 | Megan Leslie

all I've ever wanted to do is work on the issue of justice for me justice is environmental justice economic justice and social justice I thought a law degree might help me understand how to use the law as a tool for change so I went to Dalhousie law school I've got that degree and then I actually worked at Dalhousie legal aid in the north end of Halifax working with low income Nova Scotians to assert their rights so I was working full on and economic and social justice and was pretty proud to do it politics was next and twice in my political career we had a bill about putting transgender rights and human rights act to the best of my knowledge there are no trans members transgender members of parliament and I thought it's really important that their voices the voices of the trans community in Canada be heard that they'd be in this chamber so for for my speeches I actually read into the record letters I received from predominantly transgendered Nova Scotians but people from across the country and read their words into the record and that's not a thing that you know makes the news but it is a thing that is in my heart and I'm very proud that I was able to do that now I met we're a wildlife fun Canada and it's just another aspect of the work really our focus here is environmental justice you know we have to work with people with communities who rely on these landscapes for their economic well-being and cultural well-being so there's definitely an aspect of social justice and economic justice and the work we do here at WWF as well it's hard to be motivated to keep working because it seems so big even just in the world of environmental justice I mean the planet is burning climate change is real I mean I focus on the small wins because I think the small wins add up and I think the small wins open the door for bigger wins I get really inspired by the work of my colleagues be it in law or politics or here in environment and they get me going every morning it's it's like okay what do I have to do wait I'm not alone it's not what do I have to do it's what are we doing today so in the morning I'm like yeah I'm going to work it feels good

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