Daily Memes Dose XI

cars and Thor have the same cloth so have you learned anything in rigid school yet and skyscrapers aren't just giant sand castles because glass and concrete are made of sand telling my crush that I like her having imaginary relationships with her me you know I really like this me it's funny original and it's just a reskin of an old me a Russian went for a night checker the doctor showed the letters on the board czw xn q SG Zed KY dr. can you read this Russian read I even know the guy he's my cousin is what since task he was destined scootch can someone explain me this joke please I don't get it when you are funny but ugly when you are done but handsome when you are a girl when you are an introvert yarrr I just combined vertical and horizontal stripes I honestly thought those were your legs sometimes I talk to myself for no reason me too if spiders were the size of cats would they be less scary or more scary on one hand they wouldn't get into your house as easily but on the other hand once they're in there oh boy oh boy Channing Tatum on spiders I really needed this the last thing you googled is what kills you so how do you die Italian restaurants nearly oh god it's the Mayfair poor Stella of Easter what if we work house in Minecraft and we were fed wheat jk jk or should we select all squares with Jam if there are not click skip people who don't believe in climate change evidence smartest evidence proven fact math logical reasoning solutions common sense hey sorry I'm late I was doing stuff I'm stuff no I'm not gay brah the boys grown-ups too out now Thomas the Tank Engine HD remake confirmed destroy my not my earth cha cha real smooth 100 pound shrimp caught in Florida heavy breathing prison in Indiana accepts shelter caps and they changed prisoners everyone like that knock knock Zelda your mom big fat oh no priors Berserker thanks for sharing Janet really clean my Genet 49 me my boyfriend's life falling apart oh I'm cold and hungry I see humans around a bonfire maybe I can ask for food what could possibly go wrong 30,000 years later new study shows people with panic disorders respond poorly to being locked in underwater elevators who knew the owners unleashed this dog when their house caught fire they ran out but the dog went back in to save the kitten everyone liked that fast and furious writer confirms the series could go to outer space fast and furious writer sometimes my geniuses it's almost frightening promise you won't cry I promise he knows I won't cry I require a virgin sacrifice marijuana is legal in one-fifth of states in the US which is equal to 420 this is beyond science do you hear it that's the sound of forgiveness that's the sound of people drowning Carl a student collected over 300 dick pics on tinder and turned them into an art project see I pulled a sneaky on you bats are just mice on creative mode a perfectly fine and normal date every squad has one sex offender boss baby H gang shit not all dogs are good boys some are good girls sometimes it takes more than a man to stop a corrupt government this guy hunts down pedo files and beats them with a hammer this guy pedo files bro what the fuck my pile are doing my verbally abusive hot girlfriend made Hitler stolen top 10 anime babbles salesman slap sir you can fit so many fucking idiots in this bad boy dicks pizza you haven't eaten pizza until you've eaten dicks I dunno man seems kinda gay to me when you realize you can make nlg means for up votes since no one makes them anymore unfortunately for you Mr Bond you landed on Mayfair meaning you owe me 50 pounds in rent hrough is for minions tall which means he is a godly size of 14 feet tall [Laughter] leg-oh steps on a human visually pleasing realistic cgi the opposite of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse the four nights of paradise man dies after downing vodka with pals then wakes up in morgue and returns to party this laugh side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural not my proudest lab the cat shit in my bed so I made him a hat tobacco industry you want a nicotine addiction and lung cancer thieves know what the tobacco industry it's mango flavored bone Teebs he thinks he's being sneaky who's being sneaky follow us for today's post I've arranged your desks in a circle walking in on this bullshit always ruined my day cause I knew that damn teacher was planning something nefarious what's my favorite animal Up babe really shut up I'm thinking a watermelon guy accidentally shoots himself in the face after bullet ricochets off an armadillo carmodel oh the one through gender I look inside myself and I ask do I feel like a man or a woman and the answer is that I feel like shoes this is distressingly easy to miss read something good happens everyone like that happiness noise woman runs over an exam in a while taking driving tests did she pass he passed instead of them despite all the bad things CGI has done for us this year landing sonic cats we must remember the good me gently moves shower handle 0.5 centimeters to the left shower you understand boy you are about to take the full force of a star it'll kill you the world's happiest criminal this ninety nine year old true crime fan had always dreamed of being arrested when the Dutch police found out that it was on her bucket list they picked her up handcuffed her and shot her 87 times in the torso water and bleach and bottle of coke was fitted on the roof it reflects and refracts sunlight and is equal to 55 watts want more romantic warm yellow light put urine urine contains ammonia you mix that with bleach and he'll create mustard gas that will kill everyone Wow McDonald's now blocks out the entire menu to shown at every minute or so great design makes it real easy to order can I get a double cheeseburger with a new force are dying in HD and a medium coke or thank you so much never accept kisses from thoughts what the fuck is wrong with you I'm your mom be listening to songs about selling drugs and killing people on my way to a regular nine-to-five job me listening to Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 while on my way to my job or selling drugs and killing people my husband and I put our favorite what do you mean card up on the fridge because it makes us laugh and our kids can't read hashtag bad parents when your five year old paints something pink pathetic and you're trying to figure out how to tell them it's not fridge worthy dog get once humans you have lost privilege nobody my two day old goldfish MA pause your game and do the dishes me one second it's a multiplayer game ma oh okay did you just understand me when a Canadian burglar gets caught in the act he's cleaning our floors that famed when you defeat all the Shi baggers and man spreaders this is the final boss lightning engulfs a volcanic eruption in Chile this is exactly what McDonald's sprite tastes like sorry child less millenials going to Disney World is weird yeah once you turn 18 you can't have fun anymore you have to go work in the coal mines and drink coffee till you die me I'm afraid of the 25th letter of the alphabet therapist why demonic screeching no one my cat at 5:00 a.m. let me play your song cause there is no food in my piping bowl boys when they wake up in the morning we randomly meowing to my cat my cat wondering why I said the n-word Britain jumping between three prime ministers in two years with one election like Parker Satan so what brings you to hell sinner I rolled a joint with a Bible page Satan hi Ben mate you dropped your phone as you were running from us earlier today mate we should also let you know that you should have a password on your phone and shouldn't leave your Twitter account open come down to the station to collect it Cheers this motherfucker is the voice of Nemo shit I think I want a emo this little who goes to my college I've met him to make matter worse he's sweet and shy and hates it when people whisper fish are friends not food around him oh my god what is a suitable punishment for my fourteen-year-old daughter she used my fabric scissors to cut or tiller ABS there the only time incorrectly isn't spelled incorrectly as when it is spelled incorrectly when you pet a random cat and it runs away girls oh it ran away a hahahaha boys girl tries to pour acid on ex's face wind blows it onto hers instead the cop who arrested me me knowing it's a two-way mirror humans did not give a fuck about global warming temperature be a lot cooler if you did told my cousin he got me pregnant as an April Fool's joke he was scared AF lmao why was he scared I'd like to report suspicious activity and for my next trick I will disappear you pear you taste like shit I will teach you how to say the word yes in Spanish say C right now anyone you're pretty every teenage girl I'm not butter pay God when making my poop no never you get the little one man sues himself and wins a Kentucky man who threw a boomerang that flew back and hit him on the head has sued himself for us three hundred thousand dollars and one stands god when he sacrifices himself to himself to save mankind from himself oh yeah it's all coming together does anyone else see or am I too far gone when I'm depressed I remember the time Bear Grylls was stung by a bee and morphed into Benedict Cumberbatch and I find that that helps a lot my sim watching a movie his child burnt alive myself oh my god that sucks I'm going to do push-ups in the kitchen a little girl from China covered a cat on the street with leaves because she was afraid that the cat would catch a cold now she's just adding a side of salad to her meal the but shape telander 10 aircraft what sir only fans there in the trees but yells as he wakes up from a Vietnam flashback me taps pencil on desk the kid who understands Morse code wondering while I'm planning to rob a 7-eleven she's broken but she's fun how broken do you have to be to be eating mayonnaise straight out of the jar One Direction Harry Styles vocals water former domestic terrorist louse Tomlinson vocals Niall Horan vocals lamb pain vocals time traveller appears out of nowhere me look at this ugly ass born a time traveller it's so nice to see what I looked like before the cancer me say psych white man toddler car seats and gain the chairs are the same my GF recently went back to college to get her bachelor's and studies by reading out loud I tell her it doesn't bother me because I just put on my headphones and listen to music truth is I almost never turn music on and listen to her and I am so proud of her sneak 100 LMFAO you're still slowing down when you pass an accident real winner speeder what's the cop gonna do leave while a man is being rescued by the jaws of life just to give me a ticket for doing 107 in a 45 grow up person it's pronounced tomato other person no it's tomato me an intellectual each piece centerpiece and pick one edge piece greater than center piece you're a psychopath a few picking an edge piece over a centerpiece for 48 hours everything is legal what's your plan I'll bring bottled water into the airport he's too dangerous to be kept alive why do straight couples always post on their anniversaries I know I'm always miserable and you're always angry we drive each other mad fight all the time and or each other argue incessantly but lmao just break up I'm sick of crying tired of trying yarrr I'm smiling but inside I'm speed hey what's your fave song baby by Justin Bieber whoo that's so old so is your mom bad you still listen to her shutting down take off my bra me okay take off my panties me well okay stop wearing my clothes when you're playing rock paper scissors with the mirror and you lose me and my friends testing out my new VR goggles like [Laughter] you've heard of flat earth and round earth but consider long earth straight men's only personality tracers say I have a really dark sense of humor and showing you racist memes on their phone Sam was thinking of jumping in front of the oncoming train today then he decided not to because it wouldn't convenience people on their way to work good thinking Sam train etiquette super simple stuff every woman's biggest nightmare is late marriage mine is sitting on a toilet and a hidden snake attacks Mike the butt okay my roommate tried telling me I'm schizophrenic but joke's on him I don't even have a room mate LMAO Socrates to do is to be Plato to be is to do scooby-dooby-doo we are gonna ping aboard here is this called a power strip or a multi-purpose plug ass tension cord blacksmith I'm almost done with this sword I just have to work out the kinks sort I like feet blacksmith shut up animal abusers racism and coleslaw [Laughter] you


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