Daily Meme Dose VIII

glad I grew up with this loading world-building terrain not this yelled beyblade let their rear I laughed so hard I started crying this is calm he will be here only once and then gone forever this is your only chance to say hi to Karl me going home depressed after making my friends laugh all night me your generation is too lazy grandpa listen here boomer scum literally every problem our country is currently facing can be traced back to your generation you made bad Foreign Relations you hurt the environment you drove up housing and tuition costs even if Millennials and Gen Z are too lazy and addicted to technology it doesn't give you the right to shift all the guilt on us officer beating unarmed black man while another officer watches when the landlady's can't hurt your Teddy creative photography girls boys Minecraft's paper toss cut the rope jetpack joyride fruit ninja Angry Birds doodle junk YouTube those were the glory days honey tell me what's wrong what if we were on the bottom and Australians on the top during all this time Oh Frick my aunt has a snake at my house and she bought a mouse to feed him the mouse is now on day five and they are BFFs now update day six and the mouse has eaten the snake goes to show you sometimes the one you least expect is the one who'd stab you in the back improvise adapt overcome wishing well I wish to be irresistible to man poof nobody Spain in the 15th century Catholic crunch goes great with the blood of Christ Jesus Christ they could mother sues hospital after Sun turns gay from flu shot you're not just wrong you're stupid wake up you have to pee my brain sex dreams people that walk fast are reported to be less happy I'm Barry Allen and I'm the saddest man alive yell penis for password I put up a hotspot in a crowded terminal let the games begin bad things the Chinese government did Chinese citizens it's blank my husband is dead I don't want to remarry I only want to play ball shoot hoops with local milfs now click here cyberpunk 2077 doesn't have an game pre-order bonuses because CD Projekt RED wants everyone to get access to everything everyone like that me coming out of area 51 knowing a ball must last name Berlin to Warsaw in one tank if that means what I think it means we are in trouble big trouble all my school photos since year seven what the fuck happened in year nine he got a haircut doing this novice you have provoked a gang war a rat broke into an ATM 818 thousand dollars worth of cash and died it's not about money it's about sending a message my creative world my survival world enchanted fear well-built house variety of animals a giant dick TNT holes everywhere lots of dogs me when I find out 69 + 420 equal sixty nine thousand four hundred and twenty infinite knowledge 658 p.m. I'll start studying at 7 p.m. 7:01 p.m. break you've missed your chance start a date okay perhaps we are on the equator no we can't because we'd see a big dotted line choose your wish fighter 50 random pills de Gama the trampoline pool meet feet this little green triangle thing xbox shampoo PlayStation it smells like bitch in here authorities this could have been a bloodbath gunman's pistol was loaded with more than 200 rounds of ammo I think something went wrong with the subtitles night-night dipshit coming out of area 51 knowing what League Maurice if Belle Delphine plus water equals gamer girl bathwater then shred plus water equals sprite ma'am you'll really let Kyle collect all six infinity monsters s mhm a come over Tim I can't I found the lamb source Tim Dogma Dodman dogma Dogma dogma dogma dogma dogma dogma n– changed the subject to dogma what the fuck car DB can fly Gordon Ramsey video here is how to perfectly fillet a salmon me eating my 37th Dorito interesting what would you do if you found me in your fridge we dropped a fridge off for 45 meter tower can't even go outside no no the sky don't even fuck with me public schools when they find a single ounce of happiness in a child let it die let it die let it shrivel up and die the tennis match we all deserve City Council votes – nay Bronx Street for Stanley everyone like that me texting beyond the internet me and senarios I made up in my head Norway decides not to drill for oil worth an estimated fifty three billion euros in the Lawford islands to protect its ecosystem America be a lot cooler if you did weeding ten thousand digits of pi but every time there's a sixty nine I drink you know I'm something of a scientist myself chocolate milk dark milk African milk nigger storm the Bermuda Triangle it can't swallow all of us me after the Battle of area 51 another quest creeper for man sexual orientation heterosexual gay / lesbian bisexual other straight the post rate isn't an option anymore Gordon Ramsay gets bitten on the nose by puffins Rams a barbecued puffin breast destruction 100 their responses to failure oq times to tap that's twice as much has already beaten now whoever said that AHA yeah I tell that to myself in a daily basis acts like an adult and ignores what they just said me yourself you coward immediately starts crying language make a wish kid I don't want to go to Disneyland my only wish is to keep living make-a-wish staff who should a self-driving car kill should a self-driving car kill the baby or the grandpa depends on where you're from if you drift you should be able to take out both of them in the 1980's AMW tried to compete with the mcdonald's quarter-pounder by selling 1/3 pound burger as a lower cost the product failed because most customers thought a quarter pound was bigger yeah this is big brain time did you already make her laugh multiple times awesome when should I send her a picture of my dick whenever you want to make her laugh again holy shit you fucking killed him dude how tall are the Teletubbies the smallest is 6 foot 6 inches while tinky-winky looms around 10 feet tall Peppa Pig computer you need administrative Commission's to perform this action me I own you future goal to be so rich my hairline restores itself out of pure respect kids in 2050 when they go to the beach where are the Turtles future biotechnology could be used to make prisoners feel as if they were serving a 1000 year sentence in a matter of 8 hours a team of scientists claim drugs could be developed to distort prisoners minds into thinking time was passing more slowly say psych right now crack cocaine should I try it okay I will try it every group chat got the Oh Gary Homer haircut your wife is gonna be beautiful but will she love me you don't understand how much I love this Zeus I control the sky hates I control the underworld proceeding I control the lobsters Antony when you're waiting on the loading screen for 10 minutes and realize it says press any button to continue Americans when the trees start speaking Vietnamese Russians when the snow starts speaking Finnish students when the math textbook starts speaking Greek geography teacher what are you laughing at me nothing my brain Netherlands have a big height seven feet one inch uh Nold Schwarzenegger height 6 feet 2 inches Peppa Pig uh nolde Schwarzenegger clear orange juice oh it's empty / stupid poop the phenomenon of crown shyness where trees avoid touching nobody my brain – trees chillin in a forest five feet apart because they're not gay mediocre action movie director we need an actor to play the main character Dwayne Johnson Peppa Pig Heights 7 feet 1 inch Clifford the dog height 25 feet pathetic me asking my 21 year old friend about all the pencils he didn't return in third grade where are my pencils John nobody mobile game ads mom score nine million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine dad score thirty two only one percent could get passed harder than you think you can never lose an argument if you say shut up nerd at the end yes you can shut up nerd restoration one hundred thought a rock hit my car on the highway but it was just my phone because I left it on the fucking roof throw that bitch in some rice Bruce landlord Brucie baby we still don't have hot water it's been three days I will get to it when I get to it no don't violate New York real property law 235 B you're so sexy aha I dated a guy with the same name as my brother and when we had sex I refused to moan his name so I moaned his gamertag I'm gonna do what's called a pro-gamer move when the liquor be hittin and you gotta let the home is now how much they mean to you bring back to sneha drawn animation seventies kids ate as kids nineties kids 2000s kids yesterday partly cloudy today lightning tomorrow dark what tomorrow we enter the void nice try FBI not today CIA dirty tricks mi6 good attempt at obscurity Department of Homeland Security actually losing frames of the office won't hurt Netflix the office and friends are like a bowl of chips put out at a party you like chips and will gladly eat some but you didn't go to the party because you knew your bowl of chips would be served I have a lot of questions number one how dare you my brother burnt a perfectly good pizza I bought today brought I'm over here thinking Pizza Hut did it again with a new brownie Pizza Avatar The Last Airbender one hundred percent average tomato meter 99 percent average audience score ninety nine percent one percent why are you gay while everyone here is talking about how bad the Cape's trailer isn't how hard the password of the router is I just want you to know for honor added a tribute to Stephan Carol Steffensen and made it free for all players what is the use of this tiny pocket on your jeans from my salary roads railroads airports seaports cities people obsessed with Jumanji my two brain cells before I tell my girlfriend to calm down this is a suicide mission okay when you in the store stealing and here sir sir people who wait to get home to pee people who put in public restrooms pick a choo-choo train choo-choo train it's the choo-choo train pick a choo-choo train choo-choo where is it going straight to hell ugh this picture of a snake peeking around the doorway as my fave this snake just looks so nice just checking in on ya Big Bird Heights eight feet two inches Peppa Pig height seven feet one inch pathetic Clifford height 25 feet weight 87 tonnes King Kong highs 25 feet weight 10 tonnes Clifford King Kong how I am supposed to sit how I actually sit right there's a height restriction to ride this ride surely you must know that you're nowhere near attractive enough to make those demands right no you're both place trash go hey honey I'm pregnant guy i pregnant find that girl you're not guy visible confusion new toothbrush comes out 1 out of 10 dentists know help I wanna take my relationship with Sarah to the next level what should I do show her your cock man his name is Grover what the Adam eats the forbidden fruit God mike wazowski twerking would be the same as him noting my mental health how to get 1 million subscribers on YouTube in 2 minutes 18 subscribers my guide others to a treasure I cannot possess if his name starts with J he's probably Satan Jesus Christ I literally died for your sins when you get a speeding ticket and managed to talk your way into getting the death penalty charisma memes in 2009 eat spicy goodness like a boss memes in 2019 I need to know the story behind this he protic he attack but most importantly he gets a location on back of quack son what's in that fancy beer mug on the mantel me well that's your Uncle Frank that's where he wanted his remains it was his favorite beer stein he always said it would be funny never got why son maybe it's so he could be Frankenstein me that son of a boat me goes on my phone for zero point five three six three six two six six two six two six two seconds parents I diagnose you with addiction my therapist $60 per hour doesn't let me play off my problems by saying fuck it we both never wants to hang out my roommates weed dealer Mackey $15.00 per gram says fuck it we Bowl constantly won't leave my apartment I just spoke to a girl who I just met who told she wants to get into wedding planning so I said I'll hire her for my wedding she looked me dead in the eye and said I don't have to pay her to plan her own wedding that is how you shoot your shot ladies my girl said she got an STD I said freak that we in this together that's a nasty we now brown and word coincidence I think not the bottom panel of this post can you guys stop reporting our tweets for spam its spammed there's a fully grown woman floating down the lazy river at our hotel with a margarita in her hand singing high school musical songs I have seen my future and it is bright me sliding $400 across the table you know why I'm here make Nords cashier loudly to the restaurants don't be ridiculous haha we don't keep Ronald McDonald contained in the walk-in freezer turns to me you really think you're ready to face him again if opposites attract why aren't hot people attracted to me the obvious logic here is that your heart that's the most encouraging thing I've ever heard George height 6 feet 9 inches what's your I can't believe I said that to my crush moment when I said I do at our wedding I have some bad news for you love what is it 5 feet 4 inches OMG I'm 5 feet 2 inches you're perfect


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