Daily Meme Dose IV

veteran minecraft is coming back to the game bacon is our God because bacon is real United Church of Baker Noah get the boat Peter I'm not a people and if I was you be safe Utah be little ginger cunt k-pop fans OMG which one is cuter when the world seems down I remind myself that Mister Rogers once got a letter from a blind girl who wrote that she had heard him say he owned fish but she worried they weren't being fed so at the end of every following show he'd know rate I'm feeding the fish just for her never forget the time dr. Phil invited the creator of bumfights onto his show in order to shame him and the mad lab came up dressed as dr. Phil and had him shocked Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban bikini bottoms whore she lets anybody come to her bikinis bottom come storm our shelter we have great animals ready to protect you from the area51 aliens adoption isn't that far out of this world hashtag storm the shelter when the cashier says the total is $70 but you only have I don't think you're allowed to exchange them for cash anymore sorry that's not correct correct on sir 1 million and 18,000 your answer suck my winged tarantula wizard battle theme this doesn't sound like it was composed by a human that's cause it was composed by the spider wizard if you remember these you deserve a veteran's account if you found the best hiding spot you haven't found the best hiding spot only one guard left at area 51 a kid at my school has a panini maker so he sells paninis to other students and everyone called him Don the panini man but the campus police people shut him down because it's not legal to sell food if it's not a big sale or whatever so now he's done the paper towel man and he sells paper towels but with each paper towel purchase you get a free Pawnee knee oh dear oh dear gorgeous Europeans two dogs oh dear oh dear gorgeous Americans two dogs oh dear oh dear gorgeous almost everyone on planet Earth two dogs delicious Asians two dogs help I accidentally restarted the USSR Oh God I have done it again I'm watching wife swap and it's a hunting family versus our food vegan family the vegan wife thought she was being snide like oops forgot to thaw the meat looks like no meat for dinner this motherfucker went in the backyard and shot a rabbit LMFAO The Lion King was a good movie but let's discuss the problematic misogynist message that it was portraying it followed Simba the male and it didn't show the journey of Nala the woman also the title is landing not land Queen implying women can't lead shut the fuck up storm the Vatican the Pope can't molest all of us Wednesday February 26 2020 no English word has mm except good prove me wrong book try reading one anybody want pizza rolls I have been on earth for 26 going on 27 years and I promise you this is the first time I've seen another pull something out the oven with a slice of bread nobody cocky time-travellers you are in a shelter with the last five remaining humans what would be the worst way to start a conversation so how's the family I had a dream where I met Yoshi's dad but his name was Yaffe and he looked like this Satan during sex have you been a bad boy me yes I've been so bad takes off mask and reveals it's actually Santa Santa on the naughty list you go there this is terrifying epic a kite seven foot one therapist and what do we say when we feel this way me don't be sad because sad backwards is deaths and ask not good therapists taking notes can I use that Israel again seriously the Palestine Jordan Syria Egypt mock hits me hi honey tell me what's new I lost early I said tell me what's new that epic moment the rock and Dwayne Johnson finally met bruh my dumb ass thought they were the same person our aim is to erase all disabled people by December 2020 Great Britain disabled people this candle smells like fireball Becky ass non-alcoholics like to call absent cinema why is Billy eyelashes brother dating someone that looks exactly like believe now that is a rally Bama level threat when they ask you how you are and you say Roger Roger but you are not Roger Roger Microsoft's halo themed prosthetic arm will make kids feel like Master Chief everyone like that society male depression Manor British social workers homeless people the UK US and Russia we are going to kill Hitler Hitler same thank you to whomever did this so my car didn't get rained in because I stupidly left my sunroof open this is why I love my neighborhood miss Orem boy miss taken Leigh runs over chicken with cycle takes it to hospital with all money he had it's enough to make a grown man cry and that's okay [Applause] thanos I hope they remember you this drug sniffing dog is trash cause I dead-ass got around some bee right now they gotta fire you bro drug sniffing dog I ain't no snitch bitch Universal Studios 2006 Universal Studios 2019 how many times do we have to teach you this lessor old man when they try to reboot your favorite show Nickelodeon 40 plus year old when a video game exists too loud 40 plus year olds when they find a video on facebook dead area 51 guard we who just came for the meme the other guy who took the rape seriously Jesus cares lol Jesus you scared the shit out of me when you play a new FPS game and shoot a friend to check if friendly fire results but he instantly dies and start screaming exclusive to all newspapers Dianna was still alive hours before she died yes that's what dying means Dianna was still alive hours before she died yes the floor here is made out of floor school administrators thought a student was dealing drugs out of his locker they investigated and discovered he was making free sandwiches for students that couldn't afford school lunch climate change deniers overwhelming converging lines of evidence climate change deniers overwhelming converging lines of evidence my friend spell a cop may be why ECU P my friend no it's ICU PA you are not a cloud you are the entire circus dude I have a good news and a bad news just tell me the good news the n-back is in your car works perfectly Roman mythology Greek mythology the last thing the area 51 God sees before passing out 69 see me after class we did it boys my virginity is no more I'm hungry for the forbidden popsicle an italian-american immigrant is held still and forced to watch in horror as pineapple is added to a pizza for the first time 1940 Brooklyn New York colorized gamestop people tweeting to gamestop about trade in prices me the social media guy who has nothing to do with trade in prices when flatworms makes two males use their bifurcated penises to fence one another the winner or the flatworm who stabs the other with its penis remains male while the loser becomes female I dunno man seems kinda gay to me despite one in a million odds Jeremy the lonely snail has found a lover Jeremy and lefty are a one-in-a-million match the two snails both have red backwards left a lining anatomy which makes it impossible for them to mate with other garden snails you can't show the wrong scene and expect people to understand me you'll watch this grandma I think I left a bag at your house Finders Keepers bitch I'm not saying she's a suit I'm just saying her spawn point isn't set to her bed very often me beginning of summer I'll Okemah school leader in school we'd never eat No when you live in the Toy Story universe but you are a dictator nibbler when you show someone something you're really proud of and they say cool and change the subject me and my friends getting ready I want to sleep I want to get drunk I want to cry me and my three personality is getting ready so Rodrick Rowley and I felt an urge to play one of the old minecraft maps today and we settled on Skyblock we decided to not tell Matty because we all know what he does guess manny caught wind of our betrayal somehow because we barely got the cobblestone generator up when he joined the server in creative mode spawned a wither and then just left that wall socket in one minute 14 seconds is dangerously exposed way too close to the sink what would happen if some water got on it who the fuck did the electrical installation at this place when you managed to hold off two German regiments all by yourself twice and survived three days behind enemy lines with almost no equipment but everyone is talking about a Finnish farmer sad Portuguese noises good autumn leaves be soon worth more than gold a famous economist says what the fuck no why would they be there is a jellyfish oosting will leave you with an impending sense of doom and suicidal thought lasting up to two weeks I dated a woman like that once life hack avoid red lights by driving at 140 million and 4827 miles per hour this velocity will blue shift them enough to appear green road safety laws prepare to be ignored this guy in my political science class was watching a Bob Ross video and following along in ms paint okay honestly this is cute he's doing a good job shall I unleash the colors yes you fool or angers a color you just walked straight into the eye of the storm isn't that the comest part why are you bullying me fine right friend do you really think that cutting text from memes is funny me Universal makes CGI cap girls but doesn't give them huge titties the entire fucking internet be a lot cooler if you did Avengers end game we won mr. stark me my meter 3 a.m. are yes I do to enjoy smacking my cock with a 99 at 3 a.m. a rounds soon nope will be distributed the translation is significantly more Soviet in tone than the original which is great my pet alien from area 51 going psycho mode after feeding it to many Flintstone vitamins teacher just take the test it's not that confusing the test by Sabella 90 mother of 2 virgin I love my husband's lesbian me sick everyone get well soon me my goodness what an idea why didn't I think of that yet another display of inaccuracy for Netflix is Witcher series forty-two people tried and failed to assassinate Hitler Hitler and fine I'll do it myself fuck you America Portugal has to freedom days America has 365 holy shit you fucking killed her dude Hitler why's USA joining the war Japan good question when you think that this knee will eventually run out of remake ideas but then you realize they can make fourteen million six hundred and forty makes of end game for each ending The Creeper watching me mine near lava boone aspires front boy my mom there's my dad I took this photo in the car and it reminded me of your beautiful soul miss you more and more every day this reminds me of you lmao why remember when you had scoliosis me stays up there extra one night my sleep schedule for the rest of the month now it's time to get funky if you need me I'll be in the bath watching lava on my television so this extremely hot water will have to do three years ago not programmed minecraft in Java in 2009 sethbling will program minecraft in Minecraft in 2019 believe me four weeks ago playable minecraft in a chest you did it you crazy son of a bitch you did it hey guess which two characters have the same voice actor when people warned you that if you storm area51 you'll get shot bold of you to assume I fear death this chart is very accurate sky sunny side of pyramid shady side of pyramid finally a chart that makes fucking sense ei get the definition for $29.99 get a sentence with ei for $14.99 to real 100 leif ericson discovers America everyone unfortunately for you history will not see it that way YouTube hey there want to try out YouTube free everyone with an IQ above room temperature know me feeds baby vegetables baby cries me pretend spoon is an airplane baby that was fuckin delicious nobody not a single soul the guy with inspect elements nobody Mexicans that driver chippy 1.5 million people have signed up to storm area 51 what could go wrong why can't we get 1.5 million people to sign up to clean the oceans there's no alien booty in the ocean what does that mean it's the Louisiana Purchase guess who will never throw an unsecured bottle of Parmesan cheese into their laptop bag ever again took mac n cheese to a different level bear is go fast losing tracker bear bear has reached Mach 1 we have lost visual on bear flying bear kills two Canadians and freak accidents me kills off a few characters from my book the editor of my autobiography earlier today I went to a girl's high school soccer game and there was a rough play where two players went to the ground I guess one of them pulled the others hair so she gets up and says I liked it better when your bf pulled my hair not even the ref knew what to do I fainted BTS members jungkook main vocals Chief Keef lead vocals V sub vocals see this nut snap I snapped it in half you just watched me bust a nut you Homer MA here's $1,000 for your trip to Japan should last the whole number 48 hours into trip me on firm holding 137 nunchucks more I'm in trouble do hand jobs from girls who can speak sign language counters blowjobs top 10 questions science still can't answer just have heel and musk rip his pants off and give me a lap dance in VR chat and to be honest it only made me slightly uncomfortable lmao why the fuck you pull out when she says she's coming no logic course he didn't want her to get in pregnant [Laughter]


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