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DAFT THOUGHTS – Ep.10 “The Grammy Awards” FINALE

Can I say something? Hm? Yes… Go ahead, sir! Um… I was wondering… Do you know why computers sales are rising lately? No, why? Because it looks like people need a lot of RAM!!! HA-HA-HA!!! Oh my god!!! Jesus Christ, you are KILLING me… He-he-he-he-he! Yeah, I know… Oh shit, man. I still cannot BELIEVE that we sent those unpainted clones to the Grammy awards. Ah… Yeah, right? I mean… Let me be honest… I always hated going to the Grammys, you have to stay among ALL these famous people… ALL night and not being able to say ONE single word! I’m done with that life, man! I’m so glad I was sitting on my couch that night, laughing my ass off in front of the TV! Hell yeah, bro, sick burn! Ho-ho. And then Taylor Swift was like “HOOOOO” because her album Is called RED, right? So they were like announcing the winner like “And the award goes to…” “R…R…R… Random Access Memories” and she was like “WHAAAT”!!! Ullallа! Wait, wait! I have the whole sequence recorded on my brand new 15k television! -Ha-ha-ha.
-Huh-huh-huh. Oh my god, that was PURE gold, my friend. And the look on HER FACE!!! BRILLIANT!!! Dude, and how the hell did they not noticed that Pharrell Williams was just a puppet! We killed this dude a while ago!!! Wait… Technically, YOU killed him. I know, I know… But that’s beside the point man! How could they not realize it was fake! My god that was HILARIOUS! And now, please welcome on stage… Daft Punk! Yo, what’s up y’all!!! This is so crazy right now!!! I’m mean wow!!! Well, what can I say… I’m very happy to be here at “GRAMMY AWARDS 2014″… And I want to thank “DAFT PUNK” for making this happened! This is cra— *ERROR*… *ERROR*… *ERROR*… Peace out y’all!!! Yeaaah!!! *ERROR* *ERROR* *ERROR* *ERROR* *ERROR* Oh and also one last thing… Oh my goodness… It was so ridiculously funny when the clones hugged each other! What do you mean? I mean, c’mon man that was super awkward, they hugged for too damn long! By the way, you should have told me that you changed the emotional units on the clones. I didn’t modify the clones… Oh! DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! OK! Since this is the last episode, I’m gonna do it! Do what? What are you talking about? I’m gonna take off the helmet! WHAT?! No, you are not! I’m gonna do it! Oh, no… Fucking… It doesn’t come out! Wait… Let me help you out. No, no, no, wait, wait, wait… I can… I can.. I can do it! -It’s easy, you have to just turn it…
-No, no, no, no! -In that way…
-NO, NO, NO! And then… NICE JOB, DUMB-ASS!!!


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