Dad Crush – Official Trailer – MarVista Entertainment

I needed to get my life back on track Riley for that I needed a fresh start mr. Sumner I'm an English teacher I want to be someone you can talk to about anything you waitin on dad or should I say mr. Sumner making friends I'm Kyla by the way I'm really okay dad that was just the first day the boys here just boys I'm gonna be in a relationship with someone I wanted to be someone who's mature enough to handle it good luck finding that in high school I know what I want so it seems well is there a mrs. Sumner there was broken mom so empty not the first time I've seen a naked man being a husband Aaron teacher and you get to just be a man this is too much you used me seduce my dad I'll stay away from me for good you are not taking him away from me look at me this is a guy lot we're done for good there's only room for one woman in his life and it's gonna be me you


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