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D.I.Y. Industrial Wooden TV Entertainment Unit – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

Looking for a unique place style your TV on? I’m going to show you how to make an industrial
wooden TV unit. This is all the tools and equipment we’ll
need to make an industrial wooden TV unit. We’ll be using some hard wood and repurpose
some galvanized fittings from the plumbing section. It’s going to come up a treat [SP]. In order to get the right width for the timber
for our TV unit, we need to join the two length of timber together. First thing we need to do is to plane off
the rounded edge so that we get a nice, clean joint in the middle. Now the edges are planed, the next step is
to add some polyurethane glue between the two pieces and clamp it together. Leave it to dry and then chisel off any excess
glue and send it back. I’m going to have three shelves on my TV unit,
so I’ll repeat the process for all three shelves. The support for our shelves are going to be
made from flanges and galvanized pipe. So what we need to do now is measure out the
position for our flanges, mark, and predrill. As this piece is going to be my base, I’m
gonna be attaching casters [SP] on the bottom side. So again, mark where you’re going to position
them and predrill, making sure that you’ve got clearance where your flanges are going
to sit on the top. Sand back any rough patches. I’ve decided to finish it with wax to bring
out the natural beauty of the timber, but you can choose to finish it any way you like. Doesn’t the timber looks fantastic with the
wax? I’m going to put it aside now and let it cure. In the meantime, I’m going to spray my gal
fittings black because that will match better with the decor of my room. You can leave them silver for the industrial
look, but we’ve decided to change it up a bit. Countersink for the bolts where the flanges
will be attached. We need to do this so that the plate for the
caster sits close against the timber. Attach your flanges using bolts and nuts. A socket wrench is a handy tool for this. The next step is to screw the uprights into
the flanges. I’m going to use a longer length for my first
shelf, and then I’ll be putting a shorter one on top of that. Attach a flange to the top of your threaded
rod and repeat for the next five points. Place your next shelf on top. Attach the supports for your top shelf, position
your flange over the predrilled holes, and then bolt through both flanges for structural
stability. You can leave these screws long if you like,
but we’re going to cut them off with an angle grinder for aesthetic reasons. Place your top shelf on and then screw it
through the flange underneath. You can countersink for the the screws to
sit flat if you want to, but we’ve decided to just hammer them down and then tighten
them up so that they sit nice and flush with the top. The final step, attach the casters. There you go, I’m gonna get it into my room
and pop the TV on. So here’s our industrial wooden TV unit. Amazing what a difference the black spray
paint made to our plumbing fixtures, they’ve come up a treat. And the timber, what more do you need than
wax? Absolutely fantastic. Best part too is that it’s on casters, so
even though it’s nice and strong, you can move it around wherever you want to. No more feeling guilty when you’re laying
on a Sunday afternoon watching the TV because you built this baby yourself.

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