Cynthia Erivo’s Dreams Are Coming True at 2020 Oscars | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Cynthia Erivo joining me now.
I am so excited to meet you. Nominated for lead actress for “Harriet.” You´re also performing your song tonight.
-Yes. -It is such a pleasure to have you here. How are you feeling? Double nominee this evening. -Um, I´m really excited. My legs are shaking underneath this dress.
You can´t even see. Like, it´s the most amazing thing to be experiencing and
it´s a dream come true, like… -What does this all mean to you right now being in this
moment, Cynthia? -Well, yeah. I mean, a bit more than the nominations, it was always a dream of mine to be able to perform on the
stage, to sing. And so, to be able to do that today with my own song is,
like, I can´t even. I don´t have the words, yeah. -Cynthia, I have read so many beautiful messages to you on
different articles that I´ve read, and there are so many messages from all around the world,
powerful messages of people who are so moved by you. Is there one recently that has stuck out, you know, that is
really — that you´ve really taken to heart or –? -It´s probably from my sister.
She messaged me last night before we went to sleep. She said that no matter how it goes today, I´m here — I´ve
been put here to do the thing that I was meant to do with all of the things — with all of
the talents I have. And she said, “Stardust, as well.” And that she loves me, and that she´s rooting for me, and that whatever happens, I´m still who I am, I´m still a
star in her eyes, yeah. -Beautiful words. Cynthia, thank you so much. So nice to meet you. Best of luck tonight.
-Thank you. -Have a wonderful night.
-Thank you so much. -Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.

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