Cynthia Bailey Is Engaged to Sportscaster Mike Hill | E! News

Congrats to Cynthia Bailey so The Real Housewives of Atlanta star got engaged over the weekend to her sportscaster boyfriend Mike Hill in a statement to e news Cynthia said I'm so excited and in shock I had no idea that Mike was going to propose tonight he and our beautiful daughters and Kourtney got me real good and I'm so happy that my friends and family were here to witness everything wow I can't believe wow I'm so excited for her she would not like cuz I didn't really know very much I never watched the show yeah so she just went through a really rough time she was previously married to a guy named Peter and we followed that relationship on the Real Housewives of Atlanta he's a businessman it was extremely turbulent especially towards the end of the marriage there were allegations swirling he kind of seemed like a not-so-great guy to be quite frank you could see it and a lot of the scenes they taped and then off-camera also and so it's just been nice to see her fall in love again and what's interesting about Cynthia story is she actually met Mike via Steve Harvey so she went on The Steve Harvey Show and he does his matchmaking segment that I actually also went on at one point so she set her up with three guys and Cynthia didn't choose Mike she chose another guy Steve was like you should choose this Mike guy so it all worked out in the end because obviously didn't work out with the guy that she chose on air but she somehow still ended up going out on a date with Mike at a later date like off-camera and love sprung from it and here they are engaged the ring is 5 carats 85,000 looks beautiful I'm super happy for her Oh all thanks to Harvey thanks Steve


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