Cynthia Bailey Celebrates Her Engagement on Live TV | E! News

a huge congratulations to Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey she's joining us live from Bailey Lake I get the things I'll mix stuff that she just got engaged to her man Mike Hill in here in the middle of filming the show right now you're out of time away we appreciate it okay so something you know we are big fans of the show and of you so congratulations now we really need to know well actually I was doing a I launched from my wine cellar that I just opened up so I was in the process of doing Ned and you know kids were in town you know Noel is here she's from college and we were all really just you know getting ready for the watch shop celebration and in the midst of it all and he popped the question Mike is a sportscaster here in Los Angeles will you move to LA and then subsequently join the Beverly Hills housewives that is the million dollar question what's a million dollars away I am in Atlanta one of the deal-breakers for him was that we would have to be under the same roof at some point we're gonna do the bicoastal thing but we have to spend at least 90 percent of our time under the same roof side we have to figure it out what I wanna one of the things we're actually kind of struggling with what you'd be open to joining the Bailey Hills calf because I think they need you oh my goodness well I mean I love the Beverly Hills cast I'm quite friendly but quite a few of those ladies I you know my heart is here in Atlanta I mean I love our girls here and I'm still working out some issues but some of them but my heart is still in Atlanta but hey you know my man lives in LA so I'm kind of open we'll be seeing you out here I saw a lot of them congratulating you on social media but we know this you know you're still trying to mend some fences with Nene has she reached out to you about your engagement she let it be known that she was excited about my wine cellar opening okay and I felt like you know with that said I think she's happy she hasn't told me but I'm going to be seeing her soon on our first cast trip so I don't know maybe she'll tell me then in case anything goes down on this trip you got a rock on your hand as a weapon that you can use [Laughter] hey there thanks for watching don't forget to hit that big old red subscribe button below for more great enews content from breaking news stories to a-list celebrity interviews enews on youtube will keep you pop-culture


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