Customer Loyalty Solutions for Businesses – The Entertainer

Norfolk solutions business we tend to focus on two areas one is on customer acquisition retention and engagement and the other is on incentive schemes the staff company so we work with over 250 different businesses throughout the world across many different countries from airline sector travel sector retail banking financial services FMCG all these sorts of industries and different businesses require different solutions we're not selling products with developing solutions that are right for those people that entertain a business what's coming next were extending some of our technical integrations so that we can leverage our technology platform in new ways and gather additional data and metrics that are that are valuable to the businesses that we're working on low-tech solutions with can't give too much specific but it's about gathering data at point-of-sale whether that's in a in a grocery store or retailer or a food and drink environment the innovations I can tell you that we are exploring different kinds of offer types so buy one get one free clearly doesn't work in every type of category it's not going to work in retail for example so we've been working with retailers to figure out the best offer type that will incentivize and create loyalty and people coming back to that source the other thing is in the Middle East area in particular there's a big franchise model so a lot of a lot of franchise operators operate a number of brands and you know our job would be to keep people shopping between those brands within that franchise group so we're working on a lot of loyalty solutions to drive and build customer loyalty in new ways and it's about digital experiences it's not about savings or discounts or rewards it's about driving certain behavior and and achieving whatever the objectives are of those businesses

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