Custom 4×4 RC Trophy Truck Build – Part 1: Intro, TIG Welding an RC Chassis

all right how's it going everyone it's Justin here and this is a special occasion because I'm gonna be showing you guys exactly how I build a cage now a lot of you been asking for a video like this so I really wanted to make it happen it goes this is something new for me something here for you guys so it's exciting for both of us and this time around I'm doing a 4×4 truck so that's something I've never done before and I'm ready to take on that challenge because 4×4 is all the rage now so that's the new thing I'm working on this is the actual cage for it it's a Yeti score size chassis so it's gonna be the bigger body longer wheelbase and this time I started every single go I do a wood model so I can plan out everything and it's extremely important because you need to be able to see where your shocks are gonna go you need to see how the body's gonna line up when you do that all on this wooden model so you're not wasting time money and metal on on the real version so I can't stress it to you enough let me just show you I do it for every single truck this is a mini Zeus's cage same exact thing and this is my evo one came so I know I know the wooden thing looking it up knowing sometimes but it's definitely worth taking the time to do one of these things because the final product will be so much better if you can if you can get a nice little cage here so as far as the video series it's probably gonna be maybe four or five parts it's gonna be pretty long but I want to show you exactly what I'm doing the whole time now I'm not a professional welder by any means so this is not a hammer well video if you don't know how to weld you may want to look at some other videos first before you tack for something like this because it is pretty in-depth but sure you guys are ready to see this video so we can sort of jump into the next part where I show you guys the chassis layout and then I'm gonna show you guys how to build a cage alright so this is where I'm standing on the build right now I had the whole chassis laid out and I have a lower portion of the cab out as well as a front-end and like I said this is a 4×4 truck so yeah full real action right there and now the next step is to see where you're gonna put the back half of the truck I already actually have that made and I have this little stand here blind things up with the fuel so it's gonna sit right about there I have the axle sitting here with the tires on it so I can see where the chest is gonna bottom out at where your wheels are gonna tuck and also I want to mention if you're doing this without the body you shouldn't be because you need the body to make sure everything's gonna fit right right now I know I'm building it for a score body but I don't know exactly where it's gonna line up have a rough estimate cuz I've built a couple before but I'm still not gonna just weld this all together without having the body so I'm gonna wait till that's here and then I'll give you guys another update all right you can see here I ran into a little issue by the a-pillar because on this retro body it's a little bit different than the other one this sits a little bit further back so you can see on the on the Raptor body it's possible to use this so I'm gonna cut out a new chassis plate and scoot that front edge a little bit further back so I have more room to work with and then after that we're gonna cut out a new plate trust me interviewing this but it has to happen alright now this point of the build is pretty important because you're mocking up where the body is going to sit on the chassis you can see here I have it propped up just to give myself a rough estimate of how the wheel is going to sit in each fender and you can see the front end is also looking decent it's a part is gonna go right underneath the body there and most importantly this needs to be lined up with the fenders I mean you can do some trimming just in case but you you want to get it as close as possible alright so now you can see a better look of what we have to do next which is to bring in these bars and weld them into place I have one running here one running here and same thing down below on this side I haven't had one right there and one right there if you're wondering why I'm angling it like this I need to have space for my shock it's gonna sit right here so I set up these jack stands at the bottom to make sure that bottom part of the chassis is perfectly level and this is basically just so I have a flat flat plane to put these bars on so they're perfectly lined up all right so like I said quick tack just to make sure it looks okay they're bringing the body here Little Rock check this is looking good guys and then I'm just gonna pray that this stays still I try the Wellness here we go back to what we were doing and there we go okay there should be one look at this it's sort of complete but not really but seriously this is a big step because once you get this part situated the rest of it just sort of falls into place this is probably the hardest part alright a little moment of truth to make sure it all fits see drop this body on there okay fingers look good arm of the cans looks good


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