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Cursos #10 – Sest Senat oferecem cursos gratuitos online e com certificado

Save, save YouTube crowd.
Okay you? Alexandre de novo teacher with you and more tips courses to supercharge
resume and you get that job employment or internship or apprentice. Let’s go then. For you to do these courses go straight to the computer without wind. Here is my page, be sure to sign up, enjoyed, comments. Well. Chi said that you will come up and will type: “”. and look where you will, will go to the page of Sest Senat. Ai seek the location of distance learning (ODL). But realize that you may fall here, where already It brings the information that there are 31 new courses.
Many courses. But if you do not fall directly on that page but here, and you be in doubt, “oh, now where to find?” Professor Alexander says. In “Professional development”. Click it here on the screen. And appear courses and we come in “Distance Learning Courses”. Click on it and aprecem me the options free distance learning (online). Just look at that interesting people. Here, distance learning (online) … check out more details on the portal. Let the portal Distance Education, Distance Learning (online). And then I get where you’re going to talk about everything. Look in the above tabs: Institutional, courses, tests, attendance is down … and have something interesting down here you have something interesting:
“Validation or statement.” Something I’ve talked to you before.
Here is quiet, finished making the certificate is already issued to you in
pdf. No problem and these courses are
recognized throughout the national territory. Make peacefully you will have no problem! Perfect. That said go on “courses”. I’ll click so that it provides me all course options you have.
I will not separate by education, management or anything. Click here so people, and look, I’m here to possibility of Portuguese, and clicking
here I know more about it, technical writing and a lot of interesting course.
Management is what practically most people seek.
Other options, concept and application of logistics, logistics and cost of services. And then a lot of interesting things. Very focused on logistics because “Sest Senat,” they are voltadospara the issue of transport. OK. Then, you will find plenty
connected transportation and logistics. But see that here.
His brother is the one guy who does not like to study?
But if you tell him you have a course on how to manage mechanical workshops he might be interested. This will help him to do his business going forward you. Or you can do this and help courses have a father, your uncle or short, a relative who has a mechanical workshop.
Another interesting point here o … interpersonal communication and customer service.
The more courses you have to care customer, the more you will be able to speak and better will be your chances. So people, has much of interest. Introduction …. oops …. “Quality of service” is another important course. Introduction to administrative routine
a transportation company. You want to get that carrier? The town I live, Itapemirim, It has many companies working with transportation. So this is a good course for me to add to the curriculum and take you there and show that I travel in the area. Show that know how to operate the administrative routines in a transport company. In this type of company this course may have an interesting value. Regulations on you see two courses; Health some more and also the social part. See what interesting people here:
“Decorated cakes” His mother works with cakes? It’s confectionery?
See how interesting course for her. Transport has a number of other interesting things. Remember that mechanic who we were commenting? Excuse me. well see the last item. “Uncomplicated mechanics.”
So, that his cousin uncle or father You will now have that in his workshop?
Suddenly will have three certificates on the wall. Imagine the weight that it gives. It `s something
very interesting. So you used to these courses,
It serves to help a relative, some known that can suddenly have a
business improved after taking a course. People do not forget to subscribe to the
page and leave a enjoy a comment, suddenly only one paid much help, because the scores are very interesting for people power
keep doing these courses, giving our time for it. I hope you enjoyed and see you in the next video Thank you a hug and even more …
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