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Curso Online. Pintura e ilustración realista con Procreate

Hi, I’m Jaime Sanjuan,
digital painter. I do all my work with an iPad,
ProCreate, and one finger. I studied Fine Arts and learned traditional analog techniques like pastel, oil painting,
and clay modelling. Some time afterwards,
I got my first digital tablet and started to create
my first pieces without investing too much in tools, materials, or a studio. Since then, my work has been exhibited
in galleries and museums worldwide, and I’ve worked for brands
like Pixelmator and Apple. I also won
the Communication Arts Award. I’ve always been fascinated
by Realism and Hyperrealism. In my work, I merge
these two passions using classic composition
and lighting techniques with impossible elements
and situations. I love double meanings, and in my work things are rarely
what they seem. In this Domestika course, you’ll make a Realistic illustration of a totally surreal situation. We will go through each step
of the creation process while creating an illustration. To do this, I will teach you
to configure your space in ProCreate according
to your needs. You will create six brushes and learn the basic gestures
to be used throughout the process. Once we’ve configured our workspace, I’ll teach you to sketch
the elements in space and then we’ll add
the fine details to the drawing to configure the final composition. We will then start to illustrate
the composition elements, from the most simple
to the most complex, starting with some chopsticks. I will teach you to apply
color, light and shadows, and some tricks to make the wood
look very realistic. We will then move on
to a rubber figure, and I’ll teach you to add
small details and imperfections to make it completely realistic. We will then move on
to a ceramic bowl, applying light, shine, and texture to a little-known environment
that will turn liquid. We will continue painting
a metal salt shaker and finish with a crystal oil bottle. We will integrate all the objects
on a table and do some coherent
lighting and shadowing. And finally, I will teach you
to export your work in ProCreate. You will only need an iPad,
ProCreate, and your hands. This course is aimed
at anyone interested in illustration and digital painting, and especially at people interested in creating their own world
with one finger. Realistic Painting and Illustration
with ProCreate By Jaime Sanjuan.
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