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Critics’ Choice Awards Fashion Hits & Misses

(upbeat pop music) (audience applauding and cheering) It’s award season and everyone is talking about the hottest looks from the red carpet. Here to break down the fashion hits and misses, from last night’s Critics’ Choice Awards, is style expert Robert Verdi. (audience cheering) Hi, Robert. Hi, Faith, hi Heather.
Thank you for being here. I mean, aren’t they all misses all the time? I love it, let’s go. According to you. (laughs) Let’s jump right in, lets talk about Lady Gaga. Okay. Alright so Gaga who is a red carpet favorite of everybody. I think that the hair was a little chlorine blonde. Right? Yeah. Right, the dress she’s been doing these long trains. The dress does look like it’s a walk of shame dress. Like you have the sheet on and you’re running out. (audience laughing) Right it’s like oh– but she’s been wearing these long trains. She wore another Valentino gown, this a Calvin Klein dress. She wore Valentino to the Golden Globes that had a tremendous train we’ve seen this. Like those dresses are really like, those dresses are amusing to me because they’re basically are saying like “Bitch keep your distance.” (audience laughs) To whoever is behind you. It’s like a selfish dress on the red carpet because you want to be the only star. Right? Right.
I love the idea of a train. When else can you wear a train? You can’t wear it anywhere else but an award show. But correct. But the color is nothing, the shape is nothing. She’s a little girl, she’s like five feet tall and a tiny body so I would’ve liked to see something more fitted with some color. Yeah. You know what– Those trains also it’s like who made the dress? Amtrak? Like what– But it’s good to switch it up. It’s good to switch it up and I like her in a simple classic look sometimes like she has here. So, I like this look on her. But let’s check out Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts has been on the red carpet the last couple of award shows. Looking spectacular looking absolutely fabulous. I love that she does things that are unexpected that it’s not a tuxedo but it’s not a dress. But it does look like an alteration from somebody on Project Runway, right? It’s like– It’s kind of missing– It kind of look likes the dress was cut. Oh I’ll just put these pants on don’t worry we’re good. That’s what it looks like– (Heather laughing) What it looks like to me. Yeah. Weird fit on the pants for me. Yeah. Because I like the look of the pants. Because I think she wore at another awards show. She did–
That style as well but– She did. But yeah. It was a weird fit on the– It’s a little boring. This is Louis Vuitton so it’s suppose to be fabulous but hey. I don’t. I don’t like it. She has a perfect face but she also has a perfect body so let’s see some leg. Let’s see some body. Why are you wearing pants? Yeah. Yeah I was on the fence with this. Gemma Chan, let’s talk about Gemma Chan. Absolutely– So gorgeous. You know she is such a gorgeous girl but this does look like bathroom wall paper. Right from your Aunt Connie’s house. It’s like, she looks like she’s coming out of a pile of wall– She’s like wallpaper. See everyone is entitled to their own opinion because I would wear this any day of the week. I think this is gorgeous this is absolutely stunning. Because this dress is for any Wednesday. I would not wear it but her being so tiny and it being so colorful and she’s just absolute perfect face. I loved it. I love when someone says tiny like skinny I mean like she– She does know how to work it for such a tiny girl. Yeah and it was nice to see that kind of color. Okay Issa Rae showed up on the red carpet. We love Issa Rae. Amazing. But she does look like Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act 2. This dress should not have been — No. This is not good dress on her. Designed by the stylist Jason Rembert. Who is stepping into fashion. I think that she really got her grooming down. The hair, the makeup is fabulous. I think the dress is not flattering. It’s a weird length, it’s weird fit. It’s trying too hard. Yeah I love a good high slit but that one– That’s not a slit, that’s like it’s cut out. Yeah it’s like a cut out. I love Issa– Yeah. I mean she’s great but this one, this is not my favorite look on her. Yeah I think it was matronly looking like you know like mother of the bride. And I also feel like the satin isn’t great. Yeah. I would’ve liked to see her in some color. It’s some back up singers dress It’s not a stars dress. I think she could’ve done better but she has a great body. She’s a star. Call me, Issa. Who’s next? Charize Theron who never gets it wrong. The dress is absolutely amazing it’s Givenchy haute couture. But why she never gets it wrong is she understands how important every detail is and she knocked it out the park with the grooming. The hair is fabulous, she looks absolutely awesome. The hair was done by Adir Abergel who’s doing Gwenyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway he’s a little darling of the hair world right now. And he really knew how to make this look pop because if she did anything else. It was kind of an ordinary silhouette with a little cut out right? I love that you know what she looks gorgeous every time. She knows to look gorgeous every time but she still does everything a little different. She change the part of her hair. Yeah. She did a little different silhouette, so thank you. When you’re a gorgeous model just be gorgeous model for us. Yes I agree. She looks amazing. I think she looks awesome. Head to toe. How about Billy Porter we can’t leave Billy Porter. Oh God, I live for Billy Porter. You have to pick are you a pimp or a hoe. You can’t be both. I love Billy Porter he’s one of the most talented talented people we have coming out of New York. I mean extraordinary, he’s brilliant in pose but this is kind of– It left me feeling like really? Like that’s the gift that keeps on giving and I want you to take back and return. Yeah I was on Instagram, I follow Billy Porter. I like liking it his every post at every award show recently because he’s always serving on every carpet. He is. I like that he takes risks. Oh yes. He will take a risk and I love it. But look at the white socks. I love it. It’s so amusing but it’s not delivering what I think he can deliver, to transition into that superstar that he’s become. I think that– He looks like superstar to me. I think, I just think it’s fun to see someone on the red carpet that is truly being themselves. Wearing what they want to wear and living that on screen and off so I think it’s fabulous. Well he is a gift so we’ll cut him slack. He is so you might as well dress like a gift if you are one. Fabulous. Well thank you so much for being here Robert. Thank you.
Thank you. (cheerful music)


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