Cris Voni, Barlito, YS Oscar, Chofo – "HBYWI" [Official Music Video]

and do you know do you see like a father angel when somebody hurt who gonna ask me if I'm okay when I'm down back kissing dirt if there ain't a way to get it then we're gonna build a road taking shows about the country when the weather gets too close no I can I was dumb before but now it's done and if I get a chance I won't make it right down everybody now moving just to get a bath get a brand-new web take a trip go down to Miami by a couple chefs slide through a burst onto the scene fulfill my dreams living lavish like a king say eat up the industry all these sacrifices I make gotta put it down I bet on myself because I never for sure I am only beginning they really thought it was over they really thought I was finished but I got so much to prove and I got way more the game going from rags to riches I'm ready for the fame that's why I want it so bad I bought do this for using my brother's mother I wanna make her proud a little baby boy succeed they they put all of their time and attention faith into me when I wake up before I kill them golly


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