Creepy Man Tried To Kidnap Me In The Bathroom

people call me Yaya this happened to me when I was a young girl maybe seven or eight it was a Saturday afternoon and my mother and I were at the mall shopping we went from store to store mostly for me I was a spoiled kid we went into a cold store and I was pretty bored so I would constantly walk away from my mother to play and stuff as I did in every other store my mother would always call my name and I go running to her this time I was playing in a round coat rack my mother called my name and I ran out I ran right into this older man then he grabbed me he grabbed me by my wrists and asked me why I was running I told him because I have to get to my mom he then told me he could take me to her but I said no and he let go it was weird because I saw this man in almost every story you went to but he never had any bags after that store I had to use the bathroom really bad so I went while my mother went to the food court I sat down to use this for maybe a minute when someone else came in the person walked right up to my stall at this point I was just looking at the person's shoes they were men's shoes I was confused of why a man would be in here before I could look up the man said hey yeah yeah everything okay in there I'll come in if you want me to it was the man from the stores I looked up and I could see his eyes peeking through the crack of the door he then started shaking the storm I began to scream I've never been so afraid in my life then two women walked into the bathroom and the man took off these women took me to my mother and told the police they found him due to the cameras I don't know what his intentions were but the police said he probably would have kidnapped me who knows from that time on I would never leave my parents side while in public


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