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Creeping Outside YG Entertainment Headquarters in Seoul, Korea!

guess what guys just cats the biggest fan of g-dragon it lives here and it like wait for him to come out of so yg building and I’m gonna get ya I’m with Nicola and she brought me to the yg building cuz she’s the coolest person ever in my neighborhood also jealous like super adult life gold right here she’s telling me all the secrets like how I can see them apparently it’s like a the car comes by here this used to be a parking lot but they’re building a new yg office right now so it’s kind of like construction under construction but if the car comes here and goes in here it’s nobody nobody but if it goes up here to the front door then some of you’ll get out and you can get like a glimpse of g-dragon before he goes to the door so I’m just going to put a tent up right here and this is where I going to spend the rest of my Korean vacation we got a disobedience doll yeah fancy yeah oh yeah to the convenience store man that’s a two minutes come out and fans alike all we just saw JT and I was like I was buying my drink no I think I’m just eating us treat I would cry so you’ve never seen oh I haven’t seen I’ve seen very briefly oh oh like the way that I was fancy because I can’t down use an Allen yeah yeah going to the community school so am I like time you’re like your chances of me to give her a little like my animal of five oh my god so there’s a convenience store in the corner here apparently they just go in here and buy stuff so you guys should just hang out of this area you want to be someone finished hanging out in this area camp out at the the convenience or yes a little cold right now so cool I these girls fans yeah yeah you can oh yeah we’ll be creepers together so awesome it’s actually a lot more than I expected I thought it was going to be bigger but it is a pretty cool game building I can’t wait to see what the new one looks like wow I’m gonna have the basement dungeons that they training though looks likely yeah dungeon is very usually construction going on here are they just on vacation for New Year’s yeah yeah nobody teaches this this is where it is in the crib no I’m going to show you guys the messages there’s like a little area here where fans came and wrote messages for everyone what’s so cute I see lots of GD fans okay I’m going whoops I really liked it when they get into the cake I can cross it out once and I was so mean Oh Sookie I should have brought a pen I want to think I’m here to read these I totally would yeah yeah we’ve got like instrum 18 was already a black pink ones I’ve been lucky so lots of black thing I’ll have you oh they’re so cute yeah then I guess they’re not super careful with their like writing themselves at the moment and a tiny little go they should be on my way through adorable a like though I gotta write something let’s see if I have a this person it’s like I don’t have a panel that’s rated in white okay all these are they’re really cute Oh we’ll be a little collar like brick people stood out here and they got this hallways over here let’s see if I got a pen guys my idea I was a great favorite a favorite lift hand it’ll look a little bloody Christmas but I don’t think I’m hot away she then maybe I could carve something I kinda want it well what is his biggest rather notes on there oh look at the kitty I want to adopt this cat and call it g-dragon I’m moving to Korea that will be my goal to adopt all the ygs and cats oh well they totally go away oh okay so you’re allowed to hang out in this corner Buffy off but you can’t go and then the guy will be like back off I know the cat would be like how’d you die he’s looking sure that’s the same your health I’m back with a pen this time so I can write my message it was hard finding a gap in the wall everything is taken except for this one little spot down here I’m kind of surprised nobody took this spot because it’s pretty nice there’s somebody here that wants them to bring back to anyone I agree with that we’re going to write something right next to them right well BIGBANG’s my favorite so I’m gonna add to the warm us big band comment not going to be very original oh no no no that you can do it there you go there guys going to push hard for if I like destroy your pen yay yeah he’s gonna do that to watch my videos guys I don’t want to go – yeah how about is someone coming and they’re gonna kick me out for vandalizing I’ve gotta make some pies I can’t get you off my mind no no no it’s now a Japanese a single mobile peda oh look at that beautiful message so apparently the yg building is a Kobe stop let’s see should be so crispy good oh yeah here we go yg building headquarters for k-pop artists by BIGBANG 2ne1 and more later an icon yeah like add those in who made this I got a great ball thanks yg any good Pokemon answers really that’s the best you can see like I came all the way to the yg headquarters I’m gonna catch on just like and say that I have a Pokemon from this area oh it’s far away can’t do it with my song okay yeah I like how it tells you where you caught the Pokemon it’s kind of like a it’s like a passport or something you can look at all the places you’ve been Pokemon recent sold Damon goo Seoul South Korea January 28th that’s so cool I’m gonna name this one GD yeah well it was a cooler Pokemon awesome alright guys so that’s it for our awesome yg day I hope you enjoyed this video big thank you to Nikola for showing me around the durian so she has a really cool channel with her husband where they talk all about international marriages and living in Korea and you guys would really like it so I got like you down below [Music]


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