Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled The Dominator Trophy & Achievement Guide

hi guys this is a state away I'll show you how to get that dominant trophy to get this trophy you need to complete five battle modes in the battle mode they are limit battle and captured the flag a crystal curve and last card driving the last is still the beacon these are the better Mo's you need to complete to get the Dominator trophy and I'll show you each one and how to complete it limited battle mode there are three type of weight you can play lives point and time and I'm doing knives and make the air make sure that AI difficulty you make it easy so you can easily win this mode okay and that's it guys and I'll show you how you can win this is limit battle mode any place you can do this and there are three types of limit battle modes the time lives and point and I'm doing it lives whatever you can do you want to time or lives in large you need to defeat enemy three times to get to win this mode in time you need to defeat the enemy many times until the time finish and whoever got most point and win points well how much point you put on the option in the beginning of the limit battle mode and that person will win whoever got the most points whatever third style you want to play a play I use lives I think it's much easier to win in life so that's a nice second is the capture the flag mode and I own you to choose the place the north ball and to do that and the time limit put it none and point limit three and hyai difficulty easy so you can easily win the mode in this capture the flag mode you need to steal enemy flag and bring it to your area flag then that how you get the point you need to get three points to get to win the more and I chose this place because you can easily go around sarcone and get enemy flag and get it to back to your area and get their point and also I want to let you know that enemy also can steal your flag if you steal your flag just use the powerup items and defeat him and the flag world will drop and then you can put his flag to your area and get the point that's how you win do it three times and you will win this mod third is crystal grab mode select area frozen frenzy or whatever you like and time limit make it three and they are difficulty easy so you can win this mode basically you need to collect crystal whoever collect most crystal when time finish after three minutes that person will win this mode and also I want to let you know that and we can attack you in this mode using powerup when he attack you will you will drop your crystal and you can pick it up also you can do same to him attack him and grab his crystal so collect all the crystals after collecting all the crystal when time finish and you will win this mode fourth is last cut driving mode and place you can select any anything you want I selected Desert Storm and make life a limit three and time limit none and make it by difficulty easy in this mode basically it's team deathmatch you need to defeat the enemy three times to win use the power-ups items and defeat him using bombs and missiles and attack him three times and you will win this mode fifth is steal the beacon and that place has elected a terror room I think it's easier and time limit I said none and point limit I said three and a difficulty easy basically is capture flag mode only different is that the flag will spawn different area instead of in me flag area you need to get the flag and bring it to your area and score a point you need to score three point to win this mode and also and we will try to attack you so defend it and bring it back to your area and score the point after the scoring point you win this mode and you will unlock the donor trophy if you finished all modes and warm today's guys thanks for watching our video and see you in the next video and stay awesome bye


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