Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled – Super Boost! Achievement/Trophy

psyphon suggests given the achievement squad coming at you with a crash team racing nitro fueled achievement trophy guide for something called super boost now if any of you played the original game you know you can do something called power slide boosts so to initiate a power slide you need to tap the right bumper or r1 and when the meter in the bottom right hand corner turns red you need to press the left bumper and do this three times in a row to achieve a power slide boost now you need to time this with when you go over one of the speed boost panels that you find on the floor you can get this early on in the crash curve level as you can see here what happens as I land the speed boosts three times in a row and run over the green pad and pop goes the achievement super boots I've been dressed again from the achievement squad if you find this guide useful drop us a like comment and maybe subscribe and happy hunting you

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