Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled | Spyro, Tawna, Trophy Girls & NEW tracks announced!

hello everyone crystal busy here today I'm here with a gigantic a CTR Nitro fuelled update I'm gonna play the video and then we're gonna talk you're watching CTR TV special edition live from Activision I'm your host chick gizzard lifts and arms – what a great time to tune up and tune into CTR TV race fans stew let's get the racers out there up to speed Rev your engines pop your clutches and clutch your Papa's low we tell you all about the Grand Prix now each Grand Prix is a super event where contestants can test their mettle in a series of electrifying challenges a good challenge which also includes being a challenge to work with haha right you are still now racers as you complete each racing challenge you'll earn nitro that fills up your nitro gauge absolutely Stu and with each Grand Prix comes new challenges for even more rewards whoo there could be hot new racers smooth new rad and many ways to them all out I to feel that emotions do now in addition to earning insane rewards in the Grand Prix you can also find other unique items like this in the pit stop anything else they need to know there's two well according to the script I was told to read each Grand Prix will introduce a brand new race track that about what you had in mind magic exactly that's – that about sums it up I can barely contain my delight I know I'm excited now spread your wings push down your pedals and get to gathering that nitro you all right so that is that is just it is so much to unpack like I am genuinely at this point I thought I wouldn't be surprised like I thought okay we've got an amazing roster we've got all this stuff there's some anecdotal evidence of might see you know trophy goes again and maybe embryo and stuff like that clearly there have been lots of big fans but this is you know fan service to the point of absolute brilliance I mean that's the only way I can really really describe it is that this is truly brilliant because at its core Crash Team Racing you know was advertised as a remake you know it's like it's worth three doing you know that the first the first game then they added you know nitro part and everyone was kind of happy about that I'm actually very happy about that and now that's done this this is this this Grom pre Grand Prix how we want to pronounce it here system where essentially you play for from July third there's going to be this this whole this tournament sort of this whole system where you basically unlock of all these different things for example here vehicles characters now what you just saw there was Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon is confirmed that was heavily rumored for a very long time I always had an inkling that would be in this game but now we are seeing that you yeah officially we'll be able to play as Spyro this is for example some of the stuff we can unlock different skins as well crash tag team racing karts or you know vehicles then they just casually drop these new tracks which is just like are you I knew actually new content like there's going to be new content in this game if you see right now I'm talking of my Italian roots I've got coming out here because I'm like doing that thing with my with my hammer I'm like a moat in every every three-and-a-half seconds we're gonna graph it coming up here that I want to show you which actually details some of the stuff that will be in this this this is Grand Prix and then we'll go into more detail chess with EA villages so we've got nitro tour Grand Prix which that contains different different different unlockables and then all the other ones as well so for example you get a new track Twilight tour there's these challenges which is interesting items characters you get torn and Megumi Amy Liz Isabella they had the trophy girls and torn of the original then we have this one the presto playground is the new track I've got some more challenges items and we've got baby tee baby crash and baby Coco and then finally we have the spire of Grand Prix which is at this point completely it's you know it's if we don't we don't really know the details of it yet but obviously Spyro will be an unlockable racer does that mean we're gonna get an unlockable Spyro track I don't know I think the fundamentally important thing to note about this is that firstly they mentioned that there are no micro trends acting that was another source an article the other thing that's important to mention here before I go through these lovely images I have is that it means that they can continue to develop the game they can continue to update it add more stuff and if it's free it gives the game a longevity and that's what's truly exciting that we're gonna be able to play this game for months possibly years to come so the first image here is of toerner in twilight tour which is the first level that's going to be hummocks we're gonna be able to play this on July the 3rd and that's very exciting torna is looking fantastic like it's a great model it's a great sort of you know interpretation basically at the end saying trilogy model which is fantastic but then I think more importantly is that we actually get to see the trophy goes there actually playable characters so not only people kind of worried they're like oh you know why why don't we get to you know why aren't they in the game you know they thought they were in the game but here they are here they are in Twilight tour and they've all got you know individually designed castles look at the flame sort of the white flame there that is so damn cool and like all of them look unique and yes I just think it's fantastic to see and I mean the fact that like people always want it I mean that that picture there that is just that that the background like the actor textures and everything you know you if the textures you know I'm geeking out I'm geeking out over the taxes I'm geeking out over there over the design this prehistoric level prehistoric playground and they have like the end scene trilogy you know the crash warped thing in the tour description fur you know the season and that's very exciting here's another shot of that's why do I have to keep looking about like notes to remember the name is Twilight – or Twilight – yeah so you've got basically you've got the light like day to night in the level which is really really exciting and yes I will be showing off some gameplay from this level that I found on YouTube that of course I will properly source we have thunderstruck here as well a nice picture of thunderstruck and then yeah a tiny level and it was it's a engine labs so there's like a sign on this is engine left jungle boogie which is very cool which we've seen before but it still looks great and then a hot air Skyway with the some in double or nothing cards in the back there's some sort of like it's like a casino but yeah guys I am just so pumped for this this is this is just this has turned a game that I was already excited into into something else and it really needs to be you know set noted again that they have you know that this will be free this will be free to unlock some people worry about the grind you know how long you have to play to unlock this the thing is the way I look at it is it racing games are inherently fun at least to me so it's like one of those things but yeah okay it may take you know 20 times 20 races to unlock these things but I mean that's the whole point you're meant to play through all the tracks unlock everything it's a fun thing to me I get where people want to have everything unlocked but at the same time I do understand what they want that have be an incentive to keep playing and yeah as long as you don't have to pay you know $20 to unlock all these things you know all this I kept a heap of money I think this is a great method and I'm really excited to see what the next season's will be in this Grand Prix and I just cannot wait to play the game I cannot wait in terms of crash music as well personally I will be heading over to Sydney in less than a week to do some fun crash related things to look forward to that that's gonna be a fun little thing before the game's launch so I can't say too much but stay tuned anyway guys I'm going to be uploading a few more videos about this so thank you very much for watching and I will see you soon goodbye

  • You know what I love about that first still image you showed?
    It's got Tawna Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot AND Pinstripe all in the one shot.
    Hmmm… I wonder where they're going with that? Hmmm…
    (I assume you know what I'm referring to?)

  • Man your channel is amazing dont ever stop making this videos about spyro youre the best bro!! Blessings from Madrid Spain

  • I CALLED IT WITH THE GRID GIRLS! People were worried that they were getting removed from the game outright because of stigma, but I kept my hope up and for once I wasn't wrong!

  • Do you think they'll make playable Nitrus Brio and Koala kong? Perhaps even Rilla Roo from crash bash 😀

  • alright andrew paused at 4:46 so you might already suggest this further in the video, but surely we get a spyro racetrack based off one of the iconic homeworlds, artisan maybe? In the deluxe edition of mario kart 8 they added link and a track based off hyrule, so crossover like this has been done before and successfully

  • If there are more characters from Spyro I bet they will be the other playable characters in Spyro 3.
    Sheila, Sgt Byrd, Bentley and Agent 9

  • Don't know if you heard but they developers confirmed on Twitter that if you miss out on the Grand Prix everything that was unlocked there will be moved to the Pit Stop to be unlocked with Wumpa Coins. So it gives everyone a chance even if you miss a Grand Prix.

  • Yeah, but what happens when a season ends? Do the characters become permanently locked off if you haven't unlocked them by then? I've seen nothing to suggest otherwise so far, and I can picture angry Spyro fans who missed their chance to unlock Spyro taking it out on other people violently.

  • "WHOO!!!! I love being in a good challenge (Correct this sentence for me if i heard it wrong), which also being in a challenge to work with!" – Stew.
    Does that imply that the announcers are playable?

  • I didn't even really mention BABY T. BABY T is PLAYABLE.

    At this point, with all the new characters, all the ones we want (Brio, Kong, CTTR characters) will be in the game at some point. Thank you, Beenox for providing such good value for the price tag.

  • i mean they had to have em, otherwise coke would have been the only girl playable haha but man this is so good. i'm happy for ami finally getting her dream!!! so guess we'll see kong, brio, moe n maybe lab assistants later on..? also.. SPYROOOOOOOOOOOOO so freaking pumped!!!

  • This is my favorite trailer so far because it really shows off the size of this game which is huge and I can barely contain my hype

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