Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled – Photo Finish Trophy / Achievement Guide

welcome to Crash Team Racing its abyss and in this video today I'm gonna show you how to unlock the trophy-size achievement called photo finish now in order to unlock it we need to win a race with less than 0.3 seconds between you in the second place so I recommend going to local arcade picking a signal race and then picking the track called Koko Park what you need to do from there is try to stay right next to the second-place driver the only thing you have to worry about in this one is the last boost pad before the finish if that driver is going towards it then you need to take it to now you'll see me right here and I'm just going to slow down a little bit and try to stay on pace with the second driver now I will show you one more time in slow motion so you can get a good view of this but basically all I'm doing is staying as slow as I can and pressing the gas whenever that second place guy is getting right next to me until we cross the finish line other than that I hope you all enjoy the video don't forget to Like and subscribe to support the channel and I will see you next time you


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