Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled – Master Drifter Trophy / Achievement Guide

welcome to Crash Team Racing its abyss and in this video today I'm gonna show you how to unlock the trophy-size achievement called master drifter now in order to unlock it you need to assess fili use 3 turbo boost charges 5 times in a row during the race so basically what you need to do is one continuous drift while hitting your turbo boost at the last second so you see my longer bar right there you have to hit it when it says good or perfect but if you have these shorter bar you're gonna basically aim and hit it when it's in the red alright so first thing you want to do is go to the local arcade from there we are going to select single race and then where you're going to select cocoa park now I like this track because it's wide enough to do one continuous drift alright so in order to do a drift you got to press the left stick all the way to the left and you're gonna have to jump with either the l1 r1 button left bumper right bumper so for me I'm gonna press the stick all the way to the left and I'm gonna jump to start my drift with the l1 button now you need to press the stick and the l1 button at the same time to start the drift and then you're going to hit your turbo charge with the r-1 button when it's either in the red with the smaller bar or for the bigger bar it's the second or third bar when you time the turbo boost it'll say good or perfect now after three turbo boost you're gonna have to jump again with the left button and then continue on timing your three turbo boost once you do 15 turbo boost in a row then you unlock the trophy-size achievement called master drifter other than that I hope you all enjoy the video don't forget to Like and subscribe to support the channel and I will see you next time


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