Crash Team Racing – Drifter & Master Drifter Achievement/Trophy Guide (Easy Method)

maccas guides hey guys Mack here playing crash team racing again and in this video I'm going to show you how to grab two achievements or trophies one is called drifter and one is called Master drifter and these can actually be quite difficult however I'm going to show you the easiest way to do them and the way I would recommend is that you go from the main menu into local arcade single race choose any racer I would probably recommend one like crash who is an all arounder and then I would choose the level Coco Park now an incredibly useful skill to learn in crash team racing is how to basically drift and then how to turn your drifts into boosts and you can turn each boosts drift or drift boost into a triple boost basically you want to use the bumpers to jump and then upon landing you want to make sure you're turning fully and then you'll notice that your tires begin to rotate in place and there's also a gauge in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and as your engine backfires you want to tap the opposite bumper to the one you're holding so if you jumped with the left bumper and you're holding that one while drifting tap the right bumper right as your engine backfires to get a boost or a turbo keep in mind that you can do this for three times in each drift so tap it once tap it twice and tap it three times if you get all three of them perfectly you get pretty much like an ultra boost now experts will be able to drift whole loophole laps of a track together and this is the way in which you're gonna get the absolute fastest times around the track now for the drifter achievement all you have to do is drift 15 times in a row so at the very beginning of a race all you want to do is just get a little bit of distance from yourself and all of the other racers find a big open corner of Koko crash track here and you just basically tap the same bumper over and over holding it after jumping in order to instigate a drift and just going in a circle again and again then what we have to do for master drifter is get a total of five three times boosts in a row and we're basically going to do the same thing doing them in a circle there's going to be a little bit of a difference here is that after your jump and your drift you have to tap the opposite bumper to instigate that turbo and then jump again so we're gonna do one where it's 15 in a row and then we're gonna do 1 we're actually turbo boosting through them and you can actually do this really easily on the first corner of Koko crash like I just showed on screen thank you guys so much for watching I hope the video was helpful special thanks to everyone on patreon for supporting the show and hopefully I see you next time peace


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