Covenant Foundation Awards Karina Zilberman Covenant Award in Jewish Education

Oh but fun or what together it's time for shabbat everybody for me joy is at the core of everything rabbi nachman of breslov said Mitzvah gaedola leo twacy mojada needs it is a mitzvah a big mitzvah to always be happy I feel that joy is a challenge but it's something that if specially it's nurtured by a community it's endless Oh I College ababa because it's a combination of Shabbat and sababa Jewish tradition and the Jewish values are like soil so rich we're tracking us up when I imagine Shabaab I imagine an intergenerational Jewish experience and the more I gave Jewish content and Jewish values the more people wanted so I created songs stories and puppets Bobby Brava is a grandmother herself that has a very powerful glasses that can see the blessings everywhere are the grandparents of blessing all right daddy's a blessing yeah are the nannies a blessing oh I think that there is a desire in everyone to be long shadow Shama please so whether you come from more traditional more secular interfaith family what I hope is that Shabaab is a community that will embrace you wherever you're at what's your wall with someone else as well my husband is Israeli and it's very secular Shah Baba has become our shul it's not just me going with my children my husband actually goes every Saturday and the four of us participate together as a family we are in the presence of a lot of Shah Baba mama mother's that love singing okay let's go let's do it one more time are you ready to sing it mama ready one two three go being part of a community connects you with what people are going through miles you want to give Koko a hug we had a little girl that got very sick when she was in the hospital they were trying to help her name chemo and surgery and everything that she was going to go through they found that a good way was to say that she had yuckies I people come to find that little dot of joy there's so many people that are disconnected from Judaism if there's something that I dream it's that Shah Baba could engage more people I don't want to get in the way of traditions I just want to make the traditions more available

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