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so we caught up with Christie last night in New York after an event for foreo and Luna 3 so Kyle Richards recently told Us Weekly that Christie would be her dream replacement for Lisa Vanderpump on Housewives so obviously we asked Christie her thoughts on that and here's what she had to say I don't know if I can take it I've thought about before I love Andy so much I love all the girls but I don't know if I'd be able to stomach like I think I get a lot of negativity and weird comments but they get so many more I don't know if I could stomach it I think I could get along well with all of them but I wouldn't be able to take the people that watch it which is the interesting reaction because I mean she faces so many trolls online every day like how is that different than the people who watch Real Housewives I think we just assumed celebrities build this thick skin over time you know like where they're you know a lot of celebrities will tell us we interview them like oh I just don't read the comments I don't look at them I avoid them at all costs I know Selena Gomez says that you know she even said I think it was somebody said that she whenever she was to post something she actually somebody else have her Instagram on their phone and just sends it to them and ask them to pose for her because she just wants to avoid all of that but there's also that secret side of them that's like I'm just been die I can't sleep I'm just gonna start scrolling start reading and it is it's a little punch to the gut these little comments and I can understand like how that takes a toll on you but I do always I always thought of her if having of having pretty thick skin and not being afraid to clap back when needed housewives fans are different from the fans that will tweet you about your banana bread yeah you know we know from the show these are people that have been invested in the various dynasties that are in the show for 10 years in some cases they have their side that team Lisa their team Kyle but you know they feel very strongly about that will you know you're like a massive fan and I do but I don't I and I think when I saw was thinking about that comment in like the way that I watched the show and I know they're real people but I don't like thinking of them as real I only like thinking of them as characters on a television are too which is why they're like so Pro one and anti another and taking sides in arguments they felt like they're a part of it so I think that's what she means like you can have negative people on Twitter and so forth but it's different from somebody like thinking they know absolutely everything about you and saying but I'm team kaya or I'm team Lisa LVP whatever it is know now that I'm thinking about it another reason why is she whenever she gets crap on Twitter you're right is it's about something she said that people don't agree with but she still owns what she says versus like on Real Housewives they catch you all the time in moments where yeah don't mean to act that way or you didn't realize you were being rude or you didn't realize that you responded with that facial expression or or that look or the way they edited it makes you it's like a character flaw they can pose okay and then people brand you with kind of whatever they make their Association like you're a liar yeah that's what you do that's who you want person you're a drunk or whatever it is I mean like you know you kind of lose that like three-dimensional human aspect of it I I kind of like I like Chrissy a lot I think she'd be good on the show and one way but in another way she'd be bad because she's not bitchy and like Petty and so she wouldn't be in the middle of scandal and I actually think she's the other housewives would be jealous of her yeah cuz she's so funny and we know what happens when somebody comes in that they think is more popular for a bit they get jealous I'm speaking generally across all housewives shows so it just I don't know I think they need somebody a bit more controversial oh yeah I think she want I think she as many people do you like to watch the drama you don't necessarily want to take part you do not want to be in that yeah


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