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but I'm here in LA but the cold actually does a body good Molly Sims is telling Aaron how to freeze away the flab I always want to look good I'm like I I can say it I'm vain enough to say I do I want to try to look my best I mean I want to look good for my husband I want to look good for me and seems like Molly Sam's mom to three year old Brooks and six-month-old Scarlett seen here on Instagram has nailed just that when you're pregnant for some reason you have this like little devil sitting on your shoulder like I just really want that cake I want like four of them so I met up with the new mom of two to talk CoolSculpting how in the world did you achieve that amazing figure and bounce back so quickly after having a child you're second no less I will say it's it's not been easy and I found the CoolSculpting treatment to really work the treatment uses controlled pooling to freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells without surgery or downtime no anesthesia not invasive it was so easy that I thought it didn't work the 42 year old seen here one month after baby has done two stomach treatments but results take time when I went home and I was like oh still they're too fat but then I was like okay like three and a half four weeks I was like oh my god it's working and I know it works because I measured and I almost lost an inch and a half

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