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but everybody knows you've got to burn fat to get rid of it right wrong we discovered a new way that involves freezing your fat it's crazy check it out from reality stars like gretchen Rossi – a listers like Christina Aguilera celebs all over Hollywood have been rumoured to trying out this unique and strange method to swimming down I heard about CoolSculpting what is this so CoolSculpting is cryo lipolysis mmm which is a process fat freezing where we cool down the tissue to one degree above hypothermia we found that fat cells die but the rest of the tissues intact is that see it's very same what happens is we freeze the fat cells and your body metabolizes the fat cells so in essence you're peeing and sweating out your dead fat using an FDA cleared machine which freezes off 20 to 25% of your fat cells CoolSculpting is safer than liposuction because it requires no surgery anesthesia or downtime my producer took one for the team to try it out what are we doing here so we marked up Kerry so now we have the pinchable grabbable section of fat that she has here on her lower belly that's so teeny imma turn on the suction so you're gonna feel it like a vacuum and like an ice cube on your skin by back we've divided you stomach one two three oh oh my god it's so weird we turn the cool setting on set the timer to 60 minutes and start to freeze the fat cells are you feeling it yet a little bit you'll feel it after one hour freeze it was time to remove the suction all right let's see let's see very normal spear bread stick of butter that's frozen fall so don't freak out over again oh okay I have to admit that looks pretty crazy but the skin is quickly smooth back to normal and the weight loss results can be seen in as little as three week it's a wonder celebs can't get enough of this strange and unique procedure oh my god okay Ally first of all shout out to Kara for taking one for the team but does this really work it's the one I would try I have seen her stomach it's been about a few weeks since you got it done and it is so flat she swears by it I am calling DMH aesthetics and getting my appointment I'm going with you

  • yeah.. I heard about this fat freezing treatment. It is also known as coolsculpting or liposuction. This treatment empowers us to correctly target fat cells underneath the skin, and cool them to temperatures that trigger their natural passing. For more details click the link below:

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