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Conversations with Team Fuqua: Media, Entertainment & Sports Club

– Hey, everyone. Thanks for joining us this morning. My name is Rob Belk. I am one of the co-presidents of the Media, Entertainment,
and Sports Club. I just want to give you a quick
introduction about myself. So, I’m originally from
Charlotte, North Carolina. I went to UVa for my undergrad
and spent about five years in New York working in consulting. Part of the reason why I came to Duke was to transition into the
sports business industry. And this past summer, I was at the NFL. Up at the league office in New York. And I’m planning to go
back when I graduate. – Hi, I am Tanya Assar. Graduated form the
University of Texas at Austin in 2011 and worked in media at
various advertising agencies for about six years
prior to coming to Fuqua. Had the opportunity to
work on gaming accounts, such as Activision, Call
of Duty, and GameStop, which piqued my interest in
sports from a business side. So, I wanted to come to Fuqua,
which, from our conversations with current students at the
time, a couple years ago, had a great sports program
through the MES Club. And happy to say that I
think we’re continuing that legacy and only making it stronger. So, we wanted to kind of go over the purpose of the club overall. So, the Media, Entertainment, and Sports Club serves three industries. Media, entertainment, and sports. And within those we have music, various entertainment properties. We even have a few
cohorts that really cater to these industries, such as the music, media, and entertainment cohort, the gaming and eSports cohort, and the Fuqua sports business cohort that Rob actually launched last year. We serve as a professional club and we do everything
we can for the students in helping them get the
careers of their choice. – Great, yeah. And just a quick reminder. If you do have any questions
for Tanya or myself, please feel free to go
ahead and submit those. We’ll be able to see those pop up and we’ll try to take those as they come. I’ll speak a little bit about our club engagement within
the Fuqua community. So, we are a professional club. The goal of the club is to help students get jobs within the industry. And so, given that goal, we work closely with the Career Management Center. We’ve got, actually, an assigned
Career Management person. Laura Lane, she’s great. She helps us think through, you know, how do we interact with
different companies? How do we get people on campus? How do we set up some unique events and, ultimately make our students and our club members more
attractive for these companies? Additionally, we do a Week in Cities trip. We’ve actually done multiple, a lot of that through Tanya’s leadership. So, the big trip we do every
year is up to New York. That happens over fall
break and we’ll visit various companies within sports and media. And a lot of these are
companies where we have some pre-established relationships
or even some alumni there. This past year, we went
to Major League Soccer, the NFL, Spotify, Google,
Madison Square Garden, and
– MLB. – MLB and a couple others up there. So you know, a lot of good relationships. A lot of really interesting companies. And I think it’s a really valuable trip, especially for the First
Years to really get up there and hear more about
what these companies do. Get a little bit better
sense for the culture there. Additionally, we do have a lot of speakers that come through. So, this year we launched
a speaker series. It’s called Career Messages, a play on words with the MES for messages. And we really tried to
bring, what we think, are interesting and
unique speakers to school. We’ve moved away from more of the panels and the big, you know, one conference with a ton
of different speakers. We just felt that it
would be more engaging for our students and we could get more one on one interaction if we actually honed in on one specific speaker. So, I’m proud to say we’ve actually had two so far, this year. We had Cristie Nelson, she came down. She’s a CEO and runs several
different sports franchises. And she spoke to several of our students. Really talked about what it’s like starting a team, even
starting a new league, as well as being a woman in the industry. And then Tanya helped bring
in, probably our biggest name, Shane Battier, a couple weeks ago, which was great with the
start of college basketball. And that was a really unique experience. We actually had a club
member sit on stage, probably in front of 300
people, and do a fire side chat. And Shane was just really
authentic and genuine. And it was just such a
really, such a great event. And I think really speaks volumes about the alumni and the caliber of people that this club brings to school to speak to us. And then lastly, I’ll just talk a little bit about conferences in general. And Tanya can probably
help me out with this, but, the MIT Sloan conference, that is really the premier
sports business conference. Especially for MBAs and even
for working professionals. And so, we did have several
students go up there last year and participate, and did some
really unique things that I think Tanya could probably speak to. Given her involvement.
– Yeah. – Definitely. We actually had three club students participate in the case competition. And completing against various schools, business schools in the country, Fuqua actually came out second. And we actually had a
club member that received an internship with the
Denver Broncos through that case competition and
getting second from it. So again, it just shows the
caliber of the Fuqua sports interested students here,
and what we can accomplish as a club, going to these conferences. We were actually also able
to host a happy hour there. Where we did have great
Fuqua alum come on board. We had the Assistant GM of, I believe it was the Sacramento Kings. We had Shane Battier come through. And a couple of other people. One that works with the San
Antonio Spurs in analytics, and another that works in
strategy with the Chicago Bulls. So, it was a great time. We plan on going again this year, as well. – Awesome. And I see we did have a
question come through. So, it’s asking about for film and television professionals,
what makes Fuqua stand apart? Yeah so, given the club’s edict
and the different focuses, media and entertainment is
still a big part of the club. Tanya and I, just based on our interests, are more of the sports side. But, we do partner
specifically with DEMAN, which is an organization at Duke. – Duke Entertainment
Media and Arts Network. – Yep, exactly. And they have a lot of
great relationships. Both locally and nationally,
and even globally. And ways to get students
really plugged in. I think there’s a lot of
really unique opportunities, based on what you’re passionate
about, to get plugged in. Like, we actually have one student who started a podcast
for our club this year. Was able to work with the local station. And I think there’s a couple really unique opportunities there. We are starting the
media and entertainment cohort this year, too. So, that’s catering to
more of the students that are interested in those areas. And bringing in speakers that are more specific to television and media. – Yeah. So actually one of our upcoming Career Messages speakers is
an executive at NBCUniversal. And that’s going to come
up in the next few weeks. We actually also have
our first music, media, and entertainment cohort meeting tomorrow. It’s our launch event and we
have someone from ReverbNation, I probably mispronounced that. But, a Fuqua alum that started that company out here the Raleigh/Durham area. And he is going to be speaking
to the club tomorrow as well. And in addition, DEMAN is
a huge partner of ours. They host, what we call, Guac and Talks. Where they bring in, Guac and
Talks and DEMAN Doughnuts. Where they bring in
different Duke alum that are in the industry to come
out and chat with students. In the, I think it was end of October, they also hosted DEMAN Weekend, which they’ve been doing
for quite a few years now. And it was a great opportunity for MES to actually host a happy hour for alumni. And they had a ton of great panels. Tons of people from various
film and music talent agencies and companies that were able
to speak to the students, and even connect one on one. So, that was a really
great opportunity as well. If there aren’t any
other questions on that, we can talk about the recruitment season. – Yeah. – The recruitment cycle. So, sports, media, and entertainment is so great and so vast that you can go about it entering different functions. A lot of people also go
the consulting route. Where they want to work for
music, media, and entertainment, and even sports, through consulting. So, the consulting cycle is a typical business school recruiting
cycle where you start doing your resume drops right around this time. And you do your interviews in January and land your internship
probably around February. And have to respond back to
the companies around March. As for sports and media, and entertainment that are more traditional,
like the leagues, and sports teems as well,
it’s very much just-in-time. So, I actually interned at Nike. And they had a late season as well. So, I didn’t have my interview
until about early March, and received my offer within a week. So, I had to accept by
end of spring break, which was about mid March. So, it happened really
quickly in just a few weeks. Anything to add to that Rob? – Yeah, I think most people, when they think about business school, they think about the traditional roles in consulting and banking. And this is more of a
unique and niche role. It does take a lot of
determination and, it think, maybe some thinking on your
end, and some motivation there. I personally like the
fact that you do have a lot of control over what
your recruitment looks like. A lot of the onus is on you to figure out what you’re interested
and what type of companies and roles may fit that interest. Luckily, we do have a
lot of strong support, institutionally, from the
Career Management Center. So, we have, there’s walk-up hours, and then you also are able to schedule specific meetings with Career Counselors. And they can really help you think through how you want to approach recruiting, where you want to spend most of your time. I think you do have the luxury of spending a lot of
the beginning of school, specifically in the fall,
thinking through that. Going to a lot of different
company presentations to see what really might work for you, and then go from there. – And this year we also
launched, again, with Rob’s help, he coined the term Career Messages, coined the term Playbook,
which is actually a recruiting training series of sessions
similar to other clubs at Fuqua, where they have these
traditional, marketing has MILE, consulting has Roadmap,
tech club has Pipeline, which is a series of training. And Rob coined the term. There are a few club members,
First Year and Second Years, that are helping with
the training of students. And we go over various ways to send out informational emails, how
to create your resume, how to network in the industry, how to prep for your interview, and how to negotiate an offer. So, those are all great
things that we’re currently working on and have a couple
more sessions left next year. So, that’s another great way that we help out with recruiting for media, entertainment, and sports folks. And one thing I did want
to add, in addition to the New York Week In Cities
trip, we did one in D.C. And typically, we do one
in Los Angeles every year. So, I know, Taye, you asked about the television and film folks. So, doing the LA Week In Cities trip is a great way to meet industries out there and network once you start looking into applying for those companies. – Awesome. Yeah, and I think one of the things, just from a recruiting
standpoint, that sets Fuqua apart is, I’ve been really blown away. I guess when I was a First
Year, and now a Second Year, the support that Second
Years give First Years. And I see that in our club a lot. I think the two of us are super passionate about making Fuqua a place for media, entertainment, and sports. We really want this to
be the preeminent school. If that’s your interest, then that’s synonymous
with going to Fuqua. And to that end, I think
all the Second Years really take an interest in
getting to know the First Years. Really helping them and trying
to get them into the roles, and with the companies that
could help pursue making Fuqua the school for media and
entertainment, and sports. – Yeah. And one more note around,
we were talking about the Career Management Center
and we mentioned Laura Lane. Actually, just the week
before Thanksgiving, we did a resume and cover
letter review session that Laura Lane hosted up
with our club students. And that was a great
opportunity to meet her. She has been an awesome supporter
and I know that even for prospects looking to go to Fuqua, she is going to continue
to be a great resource for First Years and Second
Years moving forward. – Definitely. – We’re going to talk
about club engagement with Fuqua alumni next. I mentioned the Happy Hour that we did at the Sloan Sports Analytics
conference last year. And we have a ton of great alumni, not only from Fuqua, but also Duke, that play an active role
in helping us learn about the industries and
continuing to move forward. So, Kevin Brilliant of the Chicago Bulls, he actually launched, what
we call, Duke MBB Stats, Duke Men’s Basketball Stats Platform. And he launched this, and actually, Rob and I were a part of continuing to develop that application
and website last year. So, that’s just one way that
Kevin has been involved. Another way he’s been involved is he has done a mentored study
program with students, as well as Fuqua Consulting
Client Practicum. And he’s helped source different projects for students through that. We also have an alumni who works for Phoenix Rising Football Club. And he’s also sourced a project with the Fuqua Consulting
Client Practicum. We have Duke alumni that
work at Duke Athletics and they have been huge
proponents of helping us figure out what we want
to do within the industry and also sourcing projects
for us through Duke Athletics. We even have a ton of Duke alumni in the media and entertainment,
and music space. I mentioned DEMAN Weekend, which was huge. And again, we have our guest speaker for the music, media, and
entertainment cohort coming up. And then, again, the
executive at NBCUniversal, which is a Fuqua alum. And she will be coming here
in a few months as well. So, really great support from alumni. – Yeah, and I’d just add we also benefit from a lot of local alumni. So, before I started at Fuqua, I was with a company called Wasserman, which is a sports
marketing and talent agency with a couple offices, but
a big office in Raleigh. And I met a Fuqua alumni there, JD Lubenetski, and he
has been a huge asset to this club and to this school. So, he basically came in and
helped us start the FSBC, which was mentioned, the
Fuqua Sports Business Cohort. Coming to campus at 7:30
in the morning last year, twice a month, and really
teaching students about what Wasserman does and what it means
to work in sports business. So, a little less about career pathing, but more tactical skills. What it means to actually work in sports. And a lot of case studies on actual client work that they did. So, we’ve really found that
alumni have a really strong bond back to the school and they really want to help students out. – Yeah, I’m actually
doing a mentored study that JD, again helped source
through Wasserman this term. And he has been a great asset. So, there’s tons of opportunities
for alumni to give back. Experiential learning is huge at Fuqua and there are so many opportunities to get involved in these industries before you do your interview,
so you can really learn about media, entertainment, and sports. And we definitely have our
alumni to thank for that. – Yeah, and I would just build off that. So, just to tie back a couple
of the different things. So, we mentioned a few things. So, obviously there’s a
lot of classroom work that can be specific to the
industry speakers and whatnot. But, Tanya’s talked
about mentored studies. So, these are typically
with local companies. You get course credit
and it’s more of to get that hands on experience. And so, I think that’s a
great program, the FCCP. So, that’s more of the
consulting projects. Similar, but you’re working
with a team from Fuqua. And I thought it was really
cool because one of our, actually a couple of our club
members, when they worked with Phoenix Rising, the
soccer team, last year, they put forth a recommendation
for a new ticketing model. And that was actually
adopted over the summer, and put into place on their website. And then there’s also an opportunity to do independent studies
with different professors. I’m actually doing one right now with our advanced corporate
strategy professor who’s been studying CEO activism. And we’re looking, right now,
at social activism in the NFL and how that may have impacted or not impacted the NFL’s revenue. So, lot of really cool
opportunities to get involved. A lot of it funnels through the club, but it’s not just necessarily in the classroom or listening to speakers. – Yeah, and speaking of classes, Fuqua actually has a
Sports Business class. I don’t know if any of you all knew that. I didn’t know that
whenever I was a prospect. But, it is taught by our Associate
Director, Dr. Kevin White and the Assistant AD, Nina King. And Nina King has also been really great. She came to speak to our symposium that we had at the beginning of the year. She is also sourcing a
project for students around a selection committee, which
helps figure out which teams are going to go to the
tournament in women’s basketball. So, really great opportunities, again. And I think we’re really proud and happy that we selected Fuqua
and the opportunities that have risen from coming here. – Cool. Looks like we’ve got a couple questions. One from Brian. I’m interested in sports
marketing and analytics. Would my interest fit more into MES or the marketing club, or both? I think the quick answer is both. – Yeah. – You don’t have to limit
yourself to one club. We actually have a lot of First Years that are involved in both. On the cabinet of both our
club and the marketing club. – I can definitely
– Yeah, go ahead. – Take this one
– Yeah, take it. – I’m on the cabinet of both. So, I can speak to this, because I have an advertising background. Recruited marketing,
in addition to sports. And I think doing both
was tremendously helpful. And my internship at Nike was actually in sports marketing, doing analytics. So, it was the perfect combination of all my career interests. And doing both clubs was extremely useful. Our good friends are actually the co-presidents of the Marketing Club. Tom Peacock and McKenzie
Beaver, they’re amazing. They’re incredible partners for us. We actually hosted
Christie Nelson together. It was a part of the
Career Messages series. But, they were completely supportive. Broadcasted out to their club
and it was an awesome event. And there’s so much overlap. So, even with recruiting, because CPG companies typically
follow a more traditional recruiting cycle, and
sports is more just-in-time. There’s such an opportunity to do both. And again, tremendous
overlap in recruiting. Both actually, definitely
helps your chances in landing an internship
with marketing and sports. So, I would recommend
definitely doing both. – And just to, again, drive home that Wassermann relationship, too. So, they are a sports marketing company. They hire people from Fuqua. They’re on campus. They’re super supportive of us. So, it’s a good way to
get to know what they do. And less of a pressure,
not necessarily committing to that role or that company,
but still kind of getting a good way to figure out if
it the right thing for you. – We have really great
marketing and analytics faculty. There are awesome analytics courses and awesome marketing courses that would help for sports
marketing in particular. We have pricing, we have forecasting, we have decision models,
we have business analytics. All really great classes
on top of the clubs to help support launching
your career in this industry. – Yeah, I actually took
a class in the fall from Professor Gavan Fitzsimons
called consumer behavior. Really analyzing why consumers, why they make the decisions that they do. And one of the really cool
parts of that class was, an alumni came in who
works for a NASCAR team. And they wanted to leverage the students to help them think through, you know, how do they potentially
market and gain new fans. And so, we had to work as groups and come up with different unique ideas. – Awesome. – And target really different
consumer behavior patterns about why they react the way they do and how we can potentially
attract them to NASCAR. So, another cool way that school alumni and interests all really
interlink together. – Definitely. Another question that we had was (Tanya laughs) You say that. Read that number one out loud. – Thanks, Rich. So, Rich was complimenting my mustache. So, for Movember, only got
a couple more days left, but I appreciate it. – Yeah.
And then. – Yeah, it raised quite a bit of money, right?
– Yeah. Another just, I guess at
school there’s probably 25 of us at this point that are walking around with these things on. You know, trying to raise money and awareness for men’s health. So, it’s been fun. Definitely a lot of weird
looks, but it’s almost over. So thanks, Rich. I appreciate it. And then the second part
of that question is, have any MES members
landed jobs for post grad? If so, can you mention where? Yeah so, I think the quick answer is yes. And, again, it kind of just depends probably on your experience that summer, and then what you want to do long-term. I know I can speak for myself. So with the NFL, had an awesome internship and definitely a lot of
mutual interest there. I think the way they
work in some of the other sports industry companies
is they don’t necessarily give out offers a year in advance. They operate so lean, that
they don’t always know, necessarily, what their resources will be. So, in my situation, I feel
good about the fact that in another couple months or so, we’ll start to have conversations
about full-time roles. And I think that’s the case
for a lot of maybe the sports. I know from a consulting
standpoint, people do have offers. I can think of a couple
people at Deloitte that do, they know what they’re doing,
they know where they’ll be. But, I think for maybe
some of the sports roles, it’s not necessarily knowing a year out. – So, a lot of Fuqua students
had done an excellent job with their internships
and they have to make the decision actually, by November 30th. Whether they’ll take the
full-time opportunity. So, we’re not sure which of
our peers are taking it yet, but we have have a ton of people that have already confirmed that
they’re going back to Nike. We had seven interns overall
and they’re going back. So, that has been awesome. We had people that worked
for various sports teams, including the Denver Broncos,
the Washington Nationals. And I know our peer with the Broncos, I believe he does have something
of an offer to go back. They have to kind of figure
out the details of that. But, like Rob mentioned, with
sports, it’s a little trickier just because it is very much just-in-time. But, one of our peers, Sether Hanson, he is going to go back into consulting. And that was more a traditional cycle. But, he still has that long-term
goal of going into sports. We have a couple of alum, and actually a current Second Year, that’s going into consulting and she’s going to be working in the media and sports space in Los Angeles. So, that’s another avenue as well. Should we kind of talk
about our other peers at what internships they had, what companies.
– Sure. – Yeah, let’s do it.
– That are relevant. – We had people that were
also at Under Armour. So, we’ve done a really
great job of building out sports retail companies and
our relationships with them. This is the first year,
actually, Nike has come to campus and is recruiting for
finance and operations roles. So, we are really excited about that. Rob can talk a little
bit about sports leagues and a couple of the internships
that we had in that space. – Yeah, I think one of the
cool things we had this summer was we had people at leagues, and then teams within the leagues. And so, when we came back to school we were able to compare
different experiences. So, I mentioned I was at the NFL. We had somebody else at the Broncos. We had another student who
was at Major League Baseball. And then another student at the Nationals. So, definitely a nice mix
between leagues and teams. One thing I don’t think
we’ve mentioned yet, too, is we did have a club
member who was at Activision working on the Overwatch League. So, we mentioned that there’s now a gaming and eSports cohort. So, there’s a group at school dedicated to knowing more of the
business side of eSports. There is still the aspect of actually putting together tournaments
and playing together. – Yes.
– But, that’s one that – I think we’ll continue
to see a lot of interest from incoming and prospective students. And we do have relationships
there with Riot Games and then Epic Games, which is Fortnite, actually only a couple miles away in Cary. So, that’s another really exciting one and one that I think
will continue to grow. – And speaking of
entertainment and sports, there are so many avenues you all can pursue and that we can pursue. Like we mentioned, the agency side. We’ve had associations with Wasserman. We even had a student on our cabinet that worked at Madison Square
Garden and got to kind of see that event planning type of space. And I think, what did Zach do? Was it finance or strategy ops? – Yeah, I think he was
doing a rotational program. So, I think he got some.
– Kind of everything. – Well yeah, I think he got exposure to a lot of different things. So, a lot of different
parts of that operation, which was pretty cool. And we have a recent graduate, he interned at Sony Music Entertainment. We have a ton of people that
are recruiting for Disney and various media and music
companies, including Spotify. Spotify actually reached out this summer to start fostering a
relationship with Fuqua as well. So, they are an awesome music company that we’re starting to build
relationships with. And I know a ton of students are recruiting for that as well. So, we’ve had a lot of
hands in a lot of companies, and I think that it’s only
going to continue to grow. – Yeah, and just one other
thing I would add, too. A Fuqua student that graduated last year thought about going back into consulting, but has since decided to
start his own company. And I think it’s a really
unique value proposition. So, with a lot of college athletes, they’ve spent most of their
life doing that sport. Going to practice and competing. And then for those that
aren’t going professional, they have to shift their mindset. And so, he started a
company and he’s piloting with the football program here at Duke. You know, about how do we start to educate some of the players on
making that transition, doing a lot of resume workshops,
doing some company visits, talking to employers, and
then he’s going to try to roll it out to other
programs throughout the US. So, that’s something,
I think, really unique from both a sports business
and entrepreneur perspective. – And one more thing, we
have a ton of cabinet members that are involved in various industries, not only media, entertainment, and sports. So, we can always leverage
their experience as well. We have one that is, I’m not
sure if it’s asset management or, it’s not banking, but Bonnie, it’s… – Oh, I think it’s a
boutique investment bank. – There you go. We have, also, people that
are going into consulting. Mentioned that before. People that worked in sports retail, but kind of from a more
outdoors landscape. We have a cabinet member, Fia, she worked on brands,
it think it was like, Columbia, and I forgot
the parent company name. But, we ton of–
– VF. – Yeah, VF Corp. – VF Corp, there you go. So, really awesome
experience and engagement from students, even on our cabinet. So, if you all do have any
questions after this session, feel free to reach out to us
on our MES OrgSync portal. I believe you all do have access for that. And even if you all want
to just email Rob or I, my email address is [email protected] – And mine is [email protected] So, thanks so much for joining us. I hope this was informative. You know, like we said, we feel like we’re creating something special here. We want Fuqua to be the place for media and entertainment, and sports. So, we have hope to have you here, either next year or in the future. – Definitely, thank you.

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