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CONVERSATION | Car French: Le Cinéma (Movies)

And so that’s how I started to really go to the movies. But I arrived late, and at this theater
if you arrived late, you couldn’t… Hello and welcome to the second episode of a series I call “Car French”, where I sit in a car and talk about anything and everything. The first episode, I talked about
how and why I learned French. And this time, I’m going to talk about the cinema, movies, because… just because. That’s the idea, I talk about anything,
and today, the theme is movies, and more precisely How I came to be interested in movies. Because it wasn’t always that way. Actually, when I was little, when I was a kid, movies…. I had no interest. I didn’t watch movies;
my family and I didn’t go to the movie theater So it wasn’t really a part of my childhood. Now I love movies, but at that time… no. So what changed? In fact, it was in the 90s,
more precisely 94. I was at home watching TV, and there was a trailer for a movie called “Entretien avec un vampire” In English, “Interview with a Vampire”, with Brad Pitt. And I saw him with his long hair and all that,
and I said to myself “He’s so beautiful. I want to see this movie!” But as I said, at this time, we didn’t go to the movies. So one day — I remember it well —
I was in a restaurant eating with my family And I told them, “Are you are up for seeing a movie?” “It’s on me!”
My dad wasn’t interested But my mom and my brother said yes
and so we went to the movies that same day. And it was quite a big deal because I paid And it was the first time that I paid for a movie like that.
And I Ioved the movie. I rewatched it several times,
with my brother and on my own And that’s when I started going to the movies.
So it was actually because of Brad Pitt. And at that time, I only really went to see Brad Pitt movies. From time to time, if my brother
wanted to see something, OK But in general, I only went to see Brad Pitt. So once again, what changed?
Because now… I haven’t seen a Brad Pitt movie in a long time and I’ve seen tons and tons of movies. I was actually going to see
the Brad Pitt movie “Se7en” one day But I arrived late, and at this theater, if you arrived late You couldn’t see the movie. So, a crazy idea came to me.
What if I chose a movie that didn’t star Brad Pitt? And that’s what I did: I chose a movie that didn’t star Brad Pitt. And I liked it. And so that’s how I started going to see movies with and without Brad Pitt, and I loved it, the experience of being there, in a movie theater, the atmosphere,
the people, the energy, I really appreciated all of it as well as being able to escape a bit from life, from the daily grind To be completely immersed in another world
and in another story, I loved all that. And so I usually liked to see movies the day or night they came out, at 7pm, 10pm,
when there was likely to be the most people I liked that, the energy, the excitement,
and I also liked to see big blockbusters, so even if I wasn’t a huge fan
of a particular movie Like “Star Wars” or “Star Trek”, I wanted
to see it because I knew that It was going to be something else… something important in the movie world. And then there were also times when,
even if nothing good was out in the theaters, I went anyway,
just because I wanted to have the experience, and so I chose a random movie and… There were also times when I’d go see a movie
with a friend, and then the next day I’d see another one alone, if there were several movies
that I wanted to see. Sometimes I’d see three movies
in a single week, or from time to time In a single day sometimes,
so I really, really, really loved movies. And I went to see movies very, very often. Now, unfortunately, that’s changed a bit. I still love the movies, I talk about them all the time
with my friends, but at the same time I rarely go alone now, because if I go with a friend or friends,
it’s all good, but when I go alone, it’s too easy to say, “I don’t fell like it, I’m too lazy,
I’m going to do something else,” “I’ll go another time,” and so I don’t go alone
too often, which is a shame. Because I used to go every week. But I still love movies. Another thing that I do more often now
is I sometimes watch movies at home with YouTube,
well not YouTube, but iTunes, Netflix, on my cell phone. I didn’t used to do that at all, so that’s a bit of a change. Something else that I wanted to add,
something that’s a bit peculiar, is that because as I said,
I really only started watching movies in the 90s, I haven’t seen most movies
that came out before then. So there are a lot of movies that I haven’t seen…. Movies considered classics. For example, “Indiana Jones”…
yeah, I think I saw the last movie The most recent movie (which wasn’t all that great),
but I don’t think I saw the first movies If I did seem them — on TV or something —
I was too young. So I don’t remember them. But as far as I know,
I haven’t seen those movies. “Star Wars”… I finally saw them —
meaning the first two movies from the original series — a few years ago,
and I’ve still yet to see the third movie, “Return of the Jedi”, I believe it is. I bought it on iTunes but I haven’t watched it yet. “(The) Godfather”… I finally saw it a few years ago,
the first movie. I still have to see the second one. (They say the third movie isn’t worth the trouble, so…) So all that to say that even though I love movies
— I talk about them all the time — there are a lot of movies that I haven’t seen,
like “Citizen Kane” or what have you. Truth is, I generally prefer modern movies. Now and again I’ve tried to watch some of the classics, movies from, I don’t know, the 60s or what have you, and… I definitely prefer modern movies. So there you have it, my little story.
That’s how I started watching movies. Maybe I’ll do another video later
about my favorite movie. That was really something, the moment
I declared, or I don’t know, discovered my favorite movie, because for me,
someone who loves movies, and who has seen so many movies, it’s really something
to say that there’s a movie that I love more than everything else. It’s a big deal. But that’ll be for later. I think that’s enough for now. So as always, thank you for watching this video, and… see you next time!

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