Conqueror – Pascucci's Medal & High Calibre

welcome back to what off in Ipswich and of disturbance this is a concur it's a tier nine British heavy tank it's located on the South spawn of province and it's under the command of Captain ashram now it's got a 120 millimeter gun which is capable of 400 alpha and well game started well it's a 10 line game and the scorpions getting in the way but he's now gone that delay might actually mean that captain Ashton and this Kenobi might be coming under fire as they get across the valley obviously the earlier that the enemy can get to their firing positions the more likely that they're going to get some sniping shots at the heavies as they make the way across capture Nationals decided to go through the foliage which is a good idea actually that can Arden it's more likely going to take a few shots while Skepta national might remain hidden in process well the conohan didn't take any part oh yes he did sorry they caught the rear of him just as you went through so he did take around and it looks to me like he had to stop to put his engine back in or put something back in using his Rebecca oh and we get through this gap we need to turn around the corner oh no didn't get the corner quite right that's it that's got it when you can seek a professional misusing premium consumables that speeds up the reload time reloads quite reasonably but 11 seconds or so I think it's got it a bit quicker than that because it's a yum-o connivin just go hit my naughty round that took virtually all of his hip points away it's a he's got a I think he's got a reasonable Reno time to you to a good crew on this concrete I got distracted there by the RT round that hit the Caernarvon narrowly missed hitting us as well and that can Arvin is in a bit of danger there because there's a conference he had conquer over the upside of the valley no such area tyranny might actually put rounds into one that can happen if he's not careful the leopard prototype is actually coming down I'm wondering what he's good to do is he can shoot across is he heading back across the bunny note the leopards actually decided to move ahead and captain Ashlyn was gonna shoot from this corner always a bit dangerous in that because our tea players tend to blind by this corner just in case then anybody's at home well he can't see anything at the moment nothing really to shoot at I suspect the leopard went down where he did because he get better shots on the enemy across the valley nothing in sight it might be worth taking a chance and going straight forward not over this cliff edge but going back around the corner and driving straight up this line because it looks like most of the enemy are actually over the other side of the map but Jess how's moving forward so we'll see any second if there's any enemy defending he hasn't second thing if I always found one okay it's an F D four to zero to tier eight medium premium medium he's just sitting in that little alcove around the corner waiting for anybody turn up he's going to ambush them as they went past also from that position you can shoot across the valley there he is he's trying to slide straight and takes around four four hundred and twenty nine hip points captain Ashland pulls back to avoid any RC return RT can fire back one fire one back in if they notice there's somebody sitting from there but I'm not sure Lee at people teaser two spotted him projectors poking around the corner takes around but he's probably going to pump at least three into that FB 40s or two if we fire one in as well unfortunately it's not enough for the projeto to finish him off altogether so they're still duking it out around that corner there is and that's it that's got him now there's an AMX 50 120 there and he's looking to go after that projeto Pat actually when he turns to start like that you might be able to hit his magazine or his alter reloader but he's not dis aughtta relator but his reloading mechanism always backing up he's backing up sit get it right puts one through the front plate for 29 high rolled but he was seen this time round so he has to take precautions because then in the arty could be firing one in any second it's very likely well Artie didn't fire and we're gonna put one into the is-6 yep 407 nother hi wrong but we were seen again the more likely that Artie is gonna fire the more we fire from this position and get hits they don't appear to be taking shots though and there's the number 1 for 10 another high roll and the Leopards also trying it's tempting fate because I'm sure an arty round is on being lined up yep I was almost predictable I did say so didn't I yeah never try to fire too many times from this corner because if you do Artie will get you there's the is-6 takes one more 407 now we definitely need to pull back because you can be absolutely certain Artie will try again on this corner he will think that somebody's pulled back just for a moment and wait for a moment and then far another one in this is tempting fate it's brought in a scorpion and immediately got hit by an RT 2 tanks 3 tanks to Artie's yeah I did say so tonight don't tempt fate well he's paid for it he's lost the huge amount of health that was completely predictable he's lost over 600 hit points of health because he tempted fate should never do that right when he's done glad to retire from this area Artie is gonna fire in this this spot again he's trying not to knock those tree downs because that actually might make the enemy think he's still there yeah well there's another Artie round coming in behind him actually it's coming from the frost that badly so the m-40 is over the other side of the valley the leopard didn't get hit so he was definitely after him that tends to make me think that the enemy arty or one of them the m-40 has made his way directly across and his either in the dip near the cap area or has actually made his way up the rise and is at the back of the map on the west side that's a very good spot for Artie to hide because the enemy just doesn't expect them to be on their own side after the Year North End well doesn't appear to be anyone in front of us just the Scorpion G and the AMX 50 120 and they're both hiding at the moment loaded the APC I'll but we have got only 325 hit points left we're two up on the enemy so we aren't winning this battle well we haven't been seen so the enemy is not looking from across the valley we know where the MX 50 120 years because he's been spotted by the leopard now we get a shot at him yes we can yep and he's gone very silly thing he poked his nose out and he got it blown off scorpions inside a little distance between us though so we're gonna have to close is he gonna go around the other side of that vehicle it's a rack there yeah you're not gonna get past the is-6 you have to shut that out the way if you want to so he's gonna give the other side rounds okay there's the left there's a scorpion always moving oh just miss them that could have been such a perfect kill if people moved across like that we got shot in the side while he was doing it ouch we just got hit by the charioteer from the other side of the map and that was the enemy arty again the m-40 I think pretty sure he is over the other side he got a near-miss on us just stunned us charioteer though is across the valley now can we see him where is he well the charity has been killed he was taken up by the e-50 there is the back jack oh one shot into him can we finish him off in the next round No the enemy scorpions been dealt with leopard got him just critical hits on the tracks that's better low roll though 394 its flying straight over the top of that front of the tank oh that was really good that was the Scorpion G on our team taking him out from below we're now free to move oh the back shots turned up could we get the kill shot yes nicely done so there's a low health t30 across the valley and there's only one arty remaining and that's the m-40 m-43 and i said he's over in the dip near the enemy camp or he's actually far up on the northwest side of the map and that's where there others are indicating they think he's up there somewhere the leopard probably be able to find him now we might be able to take him out with one shot blind firing it's the opposite just the chance they might actually spot the enemy arty and take your metal or blind fire the right bush there is that can you pull back or would be so nice if he could get it because it would be a bus Gucci's yes he does get him from across the valley and that wins the game let's have a look at the end of battle stats and it's the second class thank you for captain a storm in the Conqueror he managed to gather hand of God for surviving the battle Henry received damage from at least four different enemy tanks a bruiser a duelist a fighter badge and a fire for effect out of the minor medals he picked up a piss cooties killing two enemy SPG's during that game and he got the high-caliber as well for dealing the most damage in that game of course he did suffer a lot of damage as well unnecessarily because he didn't heed the the problem at the than the fact that you need to pull away from a spot that spin you've used too many times in the past because the enemy will know you're there and they will target you with all the firepower they can and of course that m40 and the batchat one 5555 did fire those rounds in eventually I did say it was gonna happen it did let's have a look at teams gone well he did get the highest damage 4070 for hit points and damage overall the next high score was the m-40 m43 with 283 7 yumping certainly earned that and quite a few of those hit points belong to captain a tional the next high score after that was the m-40 m43 on their own team with 2 7 4 5 when it came to kills it was captain ashstorm we've got the highest man he got for the t28 prototype managed to get 3 and then the rest of them I've got 2 or 1 or nothing and when it came to base XP again its capture – dawn with 1009 base experience points he's got the top in all three columns 902 for the 50 and 854 for the m4 TM 43 he fired 18 rounds in that game got 14 direct hits and 13 penetrations damage of 4,000 74 hit points of which 1721 were up more than 300 meters those are the shots he fired across the valley he received five hits from the enemy four of them were penetrations one non penetration and four hits as a result of Splash Damage and he blocked damage of 490 hit points in total he spotted one enemy vehicle damaged 80 the enemy killed four of them and it's damaged the assistance of 749 hit points on a premium county earned sixty one thousand and seventy six credits but he did buy a fair amount of premium ammo and he after repair ammunition resupply and consumables he actually ended up with the loss of fourteen thousand two hundred eighty-one credits but actually he didn't find that much in the way of a PCR but he did have those premium consumables and he did have to repay repay for those in full currency he received 1514 XP times three for the first victory of the day on that occasion four thousand five hundred and forty-two experience points all together now that's uh I'm not sure if that's the last capsule national replay we have I think we have some more still to go but we also have some Oppenheimer replace so do stay tuned to our channel because they are really interesting games at high tier thanks for watching

  • I am amazed that more players don't play Arty, just to observe and learn situational awareness. We are creatures of Habit. This game proves it. You, as an Arty player, called it. Use the same area continuously, and pay for it from an observant Arty player.

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