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[Music] yeah there’s one artist that’s put the Eurovision Song Contest on the political map its Conchita first it wasn’t just her 2014 winning song rise like a phoenix that secured her popularity it was the essence of who she was and what she stood for [Music] summer 2017 sees the release of her second album but the man behind the diva Thomas new earth plans to retire her for good and pursue a musical career as himself from the outset new earth had a taste for fame starting out with an early appearance on Austrian talent show star mania Benny joined boyband Jett Sanders which broke up after a short time but from the ashes Conchita Wurst was born congratulations to complete a queen of Europe she was asked to his first win at Eurovision since 1966 when you told your goons one with merci chéri following our win of the semi-finals petitions were started across the Russia Federation to have her performance edited out of the live finals in Copenhagen conservative politicians voiced their indignation at the drag contestants culminating in a protest where men shaved off their beards while in opposing global campaign saw people of all genders and ages supporting Conchita beards ironically her winning song became a number-one hit in Russia the story used the attention of Eurovision to promote the unstoppable March of LGBT rights across the world and we are Dabo since winning she’s performed at major events around the world and as she’s been interviewed by child and adult journalists alike you know I feel so comfortable in this and I just wanted to show everybody did you allow to do it if you want to be a bearded woman you go for it she even performed at the European Parliament in the name of diversity and transgender rights a guy wrote I hated your look and I still hate it now but you’re not stupid Conchita also used her platform to enhance the awareness of Eurovision around the world and enhanced its cult status with his legion of fans across Australia [Music] yes [Music] in the run-up to our retirement conchita may be morphing into a new persona but our message is still loud and clear but it just got one life you know and you better make it fabulous well it’s all for this edition don’t forget to watch our daily news bulletin throughout the week and check back with us next week for more than 60 entertainment


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