Conan Exiles Platinum Walkthrough & Trophy/Achievement Guide (Admin Panel) – PS4 & Xbox One

Hey guys Blakk Vulture here and welcome to my full pattern walkthrough for Conan exiles Which is on a PlayStation Plus in April 2019 when in the main menu when you select your game You'll want to choose single player slash co-op and then activate co-op and then choose the civilised difficulty so Yeah, what we're doing here guys is we're going to be using the admin panel quite a lot. So so it's going to make this Postum a lot quicker than That it usually would if you're playing the game legit The admin panel doesn't count as sheets or anything like that technically so so we're pretty much just playing through the game and should be done in about 45 minutes to an hour and also The loading screens are very Very slow so so I'm kind of just Explaining the game as we go along With these so the first thing you will want to do is we want to Sort out your character selection obviously you can make this as Detailed as you like, but but for this for the sake of this guide, I just kept it as as a default, so so we're going to be Heading into the game itself Okay, so First thing we want to do is we want to set up the admin panel itself So to do that go to the pause menu and impress settings from there you want to go to server settings and then general and Then there'll be an option that says make me add Okay, so once you add two baited that Admin rights will be granted to you And then we can head out of the pause menu and then back into it and you'll see an option called admin panel This is going to be used quite a lot in the game. So you want to try to Get used to it as much as possible Okay, so so you want to On the left hand side. You want to tick got an infinite sprint? Or I don't know. It's it's very small to see on my laptop. So So I may be wrong on that you want to also turn off Hunger and first And then set the date time to noon and then you'll also have a option at the top of the left-hand side Which will say applied level? In the little box. You'll want to click into that and I Chose 60 because that's the top numbered a goes up to in terms of the trophies So once you've done that you will have six trophies relating to levels Auto popping for you Okay so once we once we have done this this part of the This part of the game. We should have six trophies so far So just gonna have a little look at the trophy list so far Yep, we've got six all for reaching level 10, 20 30 40 50 and 60 So on ps4 there are 26 trophies in total including the platinum I don't xbox if you are playing on xbox You'll have 25. So all the trophies will be the same except for without the Platinum so what we're going to do next is we're going to do the trophies relating to Flying and falling However, the flying function does not work on the ps4 version So what we're going to do is we're going to go into one map and we're going to go to the volcano area And you'll see on the map where I have placed myself. It's at the top of the map I'm gonna add a marker to Where it is? So With this it's a little bit potluck too because you might end up spawning inside Inside the mountain like I did in this first Instance if that does happen to you you want to just let your character fall? It'll do it like respawns As this will new the falling trophy anyway so So if you do not end up like like I have if you end up on the outside of a mountain rock What you want to do is you want to hold down the X button and that will get you to start climbing so with the with the climbing button and Everything like that because the fire function doesn't work. You have no other choice but to climb up a large mountain so yeah, so So you just have to keep climbing a particular mountain now when I when I actually did this myself I got kind of lucky In terms of where I was Varro's positioned Because I didn't have to climb very high to get to you know from where I spawned to getting the trophy itself, but But you'll probably you'll probably see in a moment what I mean I've although when I when I had it like this I kind of spawned inside a rock as well but for some odd reason I managed to Get out of set rock after quite a lot of strange Strange character paced occurrences, but um, yeah should be it should be outside now somehow There we go okay, so so this is basically Where I'd start climbing now, I don't know. I don't know how long Everyone would be climbing for it's kind of random but I'm pretty sure the height is always the same so So I guess it depends me you spawn but you want to you want to go up pretty high that's for sure I Think I was climbing for about maybe two to three minutes myself So, I don't know I guess I guess it kind of varies from Around about two to maybe four or five minutes. I Mean if you were like really really lucky you probably just like spawn a dead suddenly the trophy Ends up hopping straight away. I don't know but I don't know if that's possible at all. But But I didn't do too badly in terms of How far I needed to go up myself I Think I think I was roundabout here when I actually popped but for some reason the camera angle kind of like changed quite rapidly before Before the trophy popped So it kind of looks as if I edited that but but no I didn't okay So now after we done both of those we will have a trophies in total So what you want to do now is you'll want to go back To where you were before any broken Highway? Okay, so So we're basically near where we started at at the beginning of the game Which is just to the right over there, okay? So what you want to do is you want to try to familiarize yourself with the same surroundings and You should see A structure similar to what you're seeing on screen From for myself If you were if you see arches then you most likely need to go towards those and Then just beyond those arches. There will be a little pedestal with Some sort of dragon bird thing on it, I guess And then once he fires away there would be book and That's going to give you Progress towards one of the trophies that we're gonna do later on Okay, so go back into your map Okay, so what I've done is I've decided to choose an area to spawn myself in You'll probably you'll probably see it on the map yourself Similar area if you have a look So you want to sort of look look for a lot of beaches in greenery Around the right-hand side of the map So I'm gonna teleport there and then Then we're going to do most of what's left of the game over here So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna try to Get Lord, the complicated stuff out of the way first as this will make things a little bit easier Later on in the game Okay so what you want to do is you want to go to your admin panel and then in the spawn item section on the right hand side in the gear option You might want to use The search function but if you search the Letters AC hate e then you want to find the odd chair Tyrion? longsword However, it's pronounced and that will get you one of the flawless item Trophies, I think but yeah, it pops one of the items and then if you go back into If you go back into the admin menu and then use the same search function and lookup black ice What you want to use is you want to use the black ice? reinforced wooden foundation and the black ice reinforced wooden wall You want to get about four? four at the foundation and then maybe Six or seven of the wall? Okay, so What you want to do is you want to lay down your foundations and then you want to place the walls around the outside You want to do this to all of the walls except for one and then now we'll get you the the Scarlets ended Citadel trophy And then after you've done that you want to go back into your admin panel and then use the search function again But this time you're going to search the word bed And then the first option should be bed or one of the options should be bed And then go back into your weapon wheel using the elbe button or l1 on ps4 Whichever option you're using Place the bed inside and that will get you another trophy Okay, so once we finish with that You want to go back into the admin panel yet again? And Don't do what I did and Spell alter Wrong because that was there was just a total mistake But yeah, what you want to do is you want to try to find the alter of Y Maya But you'll probably find it by searching alter spelt has a LT AR and then Once you spawn that you want to place it down and then interact with it In in some way usually by pressing square or I think it's a so why on Xbox I Don't know But yeah that that will get you another trophy And then in the same area, we're gonna be going back into the admin panel yet again And then use the search function on the right hand side I will get a search up to word wheel So we're gonna spawn a wheel of pain now the wheel of pain is actually linked to another trophy that we're gonna earn This one has quite a few steps, but I'm going to I'm going to sort of go through it with you guys Explaining it as we go in steps Okay, so you want to search TR you and you'll find the truncheon item So you want to you want to click on that then go out of the admin panel went back into it It kind of kind of messes up if you do two searches at the same time For some reason I didn't find what I was looking for by searching fiber, but if you if you search by using the word bindings You'll find fiber bindings Okay so what you want to do is you'll want to go into your weapon wheel and Equip both the truncheon in one hand and then the fiber bindings in the other Okay, so For the final step. You'll want to go into the admin panel again spawn MPC's And then go into Hangar sec Yep, sorry, spawn NPCs and then What you've bought is the altar axe grinder should be the fifth or six option in in that menu So what you want to do is you want to after the NPC spawns you will want to You will want to basically damage the NPC You want to attack him until his white White bar on top of the health bar is Completely gone this will make him unconscious but not dead But basically if you kill him then then you would have to spawn another one, but if you just wait until The white bar is gone by just hitting him with your truncheon over and over again until He falls to the floor and becomes unconscious This might take a little bit of time depending Depending how you are with fighting I guess I Have heard he's one of the more weak rim pcs but it still takes quite a few hits to actually bring down Okay, there he is he's on the ground so what you want to do is you want to Look at him and press square to drag him with your rope and Then interact with the wheel of pain by pressing square on that And then that will get you another trophy Okay, so now we can move on to to the next trophy which is a little bit more complicated and might Require a lot of instructions which it will of course So first thing you want to do is you want to go into the admin panel and select insert search the word Blacksmith and then you want to sport the blacksmith's bench Okay So that is just the first part at the moment but when we when we're starting to go through this more More and more instructions will be needed. So go back into your admin panel and then spawn MPC's Now you'll see a little check box just below the character selection. It is very important that you tick that box so if you do so now then Then I'll save you a lot of pain later on So make sure you click the box that says spawn as converted fro item And then the the character that you're to look for is is called a black hand underscore blacksmith for I Don't know how to say the last word bear weeks to see Sumerian or something? I don't know But anyway, once you have spawned that particular character, that is basically step 2 Okay, now this next step might be a little bit confusing as we have to go through a lot of different options and Might take some time to To look in Okay, so you want to go to? Gain, my bearings a little bit here Yeah, okay So you want to interact with the blacksmith's bench and then go into the crafting menu you want to try to make a flawless hardened steel mace Okay, so you want to go into the feats menu and then I use the R-1 button until you get to warrior Now this this actually takes a little bit of time to Figure out or at least it did for me so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to I had to I had to kind of wrap my head around what it was I was actually meant to do But basically you have to look at where it says hilt maker and we have the short handle so we have to find The parts needed for that and then we have the parts for the steel mace That we're going to be making So let me get my bearings are sick But yeah, the basic idea is that you want to Try to find all the parts needed for the short handle which at first I couldn't find but if you look in the stone tools section You see the first option there which is below the word stone stone tools and then you turn that option green and then all the Yellow options will become available and you'll basically want to just buy all of the Pickaxes possible So In there we had we had 2 out of free ingredients used to make the short handle The third one is actually somewhere else. I'm gonna try a fire now But yeah the the items that you require for for each of these will be on the right-hand side As well if but if you need to if you need to try and find those items as well, then it should be Found in the search option full throw down or forth from the left. So now we can make our Short handle and then nice tall metal mace Okay Yeah, so so, basically we're we're going to get the greens for for that And then you want to go back into your admin panel And then going to the right hand side search item For short and Short handle will come up in the gear section So your one one of those I? Then go back into the admin panel and then use the search function again and you will want to Search the word star so you want Yeah, so you want a 12 star metal bars okay, so interact with the blacksmith's bench again, and you should have one short handle and 12/12/12 star maze star metal bars Whoops Okay Now I got actually pretty confused at this point. So I'm gonna take those back and then I'm going to Go back into the black space bench I'm going to put the items back in Mmm, hang on a sec Oh, right, yeah, okay, so if you go into the crafting menu With the items in hand in the middle of the screen if you tap on that it'll add it to the crafting queue and then after it's been crafted you'll get the trophy I hope I hope I explained it clearly enough But some Yeah, I I was actually quite confused when I did the first time around Okay, so we're going to go into the map for the next trophy You want to be? in the similar area to where we were when we teleported into the mountain but you want to be kind of in the southwest area I've put a marker where our next destination needs to be so I'm gonna spawn us just by where the volcano was And then you can teleport to to this area if you get lost at any point in this in this step then You can always just have a look at your map. And then Go Go through that I think in my recording software decided to Take a dump on me at this point I Don't know why but it just sort of became big litchi But it didn't affect it too much like I guess Okay, so so what you're looking for is you're looking for like a Open space which is kind of flat In the ground So similar so basically the area that I'm in now But you want to sort of go Towards the towards the forest area And it should pop when you're When you're heading into the forest area now go you the walls beyond the border trophy So what we can do now is we can look at the south part of the volcano and you'll see This area which is kind of like a light gray you want to position yourself just Before where the bounty begins and then we can a teleport to that area Okay, so once we teleported into this area we will want to kind of travel our way to Towards the volcano there will be a path they'll be leading up Now you can either at this point kind of just walk up it but it'll be a lot quicker just to roll So, yeah, so pretty much just follow the path round and then Make sure we'll read no one sees you roll in because probably be hating how this point That those terrible evil for me, sorry Anyway at some point you will get the dying embers trophy Which will be the trophy relating to going to the volcano so now if you teleport back to the area that we were in When we did the wheel of pain stuff like that You want to go into your admin panel? Nope, sorry, no, sorry settings and then Server settings Go down to combat and then on the first and fourth slider you'll want to Set those up to ten Lead the other sliders as they are because they won't be necessary for this next part but what we're going to be doing is we're gonna be Going through all of the bosses and just spawning them and then killing them Sounds sounds kind of Savage I guess I Will it for trophies? best excuse ever Okay. So what we want to do is we want to Make sure that we done the part with the sliders and then go into the admin panel Spawn NPCs use the search function and select the word boss Okay, you'll see a lot of a lot of Lists with bosses on So you want to go down until you see Boss crocodile giant There we go, so so defeating each of these bosses will give you a trophy for each of them Okay, and because you changed those sliders earlier on You could pretty much defeat all of these bosses at about two to three hits each so Search for boss again So there are seven bosses in total, I believe the next one is King beneath Okay, so he takes like two hits maybe if that Okay, and if Like me you actually hate spiders You might be a little bit worried about this next boss because it's a giant spider But If you go into the boss selection and err be spider giant and a giant spider will appear Which totally freaked me out like at the time of I should play in this Which which I hated but I was a little bit a little bit a little bit squeamish after that but I was glad because Because I kind of faced my fear a little bit In in the name of trophies All in the name of trophies. Okay, so select boss again and we're gonna be Going for the fourth one, which is the King's courage I he's kind of like a knight I guess mixed with a Skyrim type character Okay, so it's for our seven bosses Right Okay, spawn in pcs and then boss again If you're playing this on xbox you'll have to You have to type in the word boss Manually every time so the fifth boss that we could be killing is the undead dragon So he takes like two or three hits now we should have only two bosses left and four or five trophies left in total Okay, so spawn NPCs and this time instead of searching boss. You want to search Frost? Then you'll want to choose wildlife frost giant boss Okay, then just kill him and that's yet another boss defeated Okay, one more one more boss to kill Okay spawn NPCs again Search for the words sewer Wildlife sewer abomination for some reason it didn't for some reason they didn't appear first how my First time I clicked it, but then I was like really worried that they caught a cleat on me so I went back into the admin panel again, and then I search for again sewer and then it he came in a second time Whoa Okay, I think I think he kind of like Squash my character. I mean, what is that thing? So he joined Apple Okay So, yeah, we've got all of the bosses out of the way so two trophies left and if you go into journey in the pause menu Look in chapter one Okay, so we're gonna have all these different options Obviously, there are some they're easier than others. I mean you've got eat drink which we could do in the admin panel and then you have Stuff like slay dodge kick Obviously a slaying dodger like, you know moves that you give you a character So probably explain those in a sec But if you go into your admin panel and then on the left hand side, you'll see eat and drink Now sorry eat and no sorry food and water sorry, there'll be a plus sign next to each of those and Then now get you the e to drink one so the only two that I have left is clover yourself and Craft a weapon To use the bed one you would have got when you got the Oh sleeper awake trophy Find signs of life we've got from that book on the pedestal in the desert Kick I think is in the moves list you'll probably find that there so go into the admin panel and Search robe on the right hand side And just pick any robe From e to the list and now it should get you the clover yourself part in this Yep it did so now I would only have to craft an item Okay, so back into the admin panel had a good search function in gear Okay Searching stone doesn't seem to seem to work for some reason But basically we're gonna create what is essentially a stone hatchet Should find it somewhere I might have to I might have to go to the pause menu first Just in case Okay So if you go into your crafting in the inventory You should find stone hatchets somewhere It might be in slightly different places for all of you, but it was a knee. I think it's the second row for me Somewhere in the middle and the second row there we go stone hatchet So what you need for that is you'll need five branches and five stones So if you go back into your admin panel and then use the search function again Stone came up this time. So we're gonna collect five stones There you go five stones now search branch Humble one five for those as well. One, two, three, four five. There we go Okay, so once you're in your crafting You want to select a stone hardship and then once it crafted? you had the journey step complete for crafting a tool and that should be the end of chapter one for for that as well So you'll also have the last trophy which I mentioned just now Which would be one of them but But all we should have left now is the tablet the elephant now for this you need a second player, you can't use like an NPC or One of the animals in the in the world So what we're going to do is we're going to set this up Okay, so what I've done is I actually swum from From where I was with the wheel of pain and stuff and then I actually came round to the other side Because there are actually rocks on this side So what I did was I I had one of my PSN friends Called Jack doula. Thank you – thank you to him for Helping me out with this trophy so Yeah, once your one shot on their head go into the admin panel And then you'll want to search for anything heavy so black ice will do Maybe like in the building section Yeah So you want to go down to black ice? reinforced and then just choose anything anything will do and then For that you want to Hold down the l2 or left trigger button whilst whilst pressing X 4 Or a on Xbox for that and then just keep keep spamming it until the other person dies So yeah there we have it guys another Full pass and walkthrough done. So thanks for checking out my guide thanks to Jack Duda for Helping me with this trophy Thank you to my channel members until next time. See you all very soon You


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