Conan Exiles 100% Platinum Walkthrough | Trophy & Achievement Guide | Free for PS Plus Members

what's up trophy under welcome to my trophy and achievement guide for the game Conan exile the game is free for peace blast members in April and you can get the Platinum in less than one hour first off start a new game and play offline there's only one online trophy that requires another player so when you're in the game go to settings go to service settings and choose the option make me admit now go back and choose admin panel now you see a lot of options the important thing is you have to activate the godnot so you cannot die in the game feel free to also activate the noseprint coast and the ghost mode but these two are not necessary now go up to set level put in 60 and press apply now you should get all six trophy levels for reaching level 10 20 30 40 50 and 60 so the next step is we need to complete all the tasks in chapter 1 open your inventory and go to journey here you can see which tasks we needs to complete the chapter 1 open the admin panel go down to food and press + to give yourself something to eat and do the same with water now we already done two tasks in chapter 1 and the other one are also very easy now go back and press certified touch which is another test also press l2 for a kick go a little bit forward and interact with this stone to get another test and also try to climb on this stone now open your inventory go to attributes and spent all your points in encumbrance to carry more items we need this later now open the admin panel go right to spawn an item go to gear and give yourself a weapon for another trophy choose any weapon and press X on it you also need to equip yourself with a clothing item just go to gear and search for a helm just equip any help you want the next step is we have to kill some special enemies open your admin panel and go to spawn NPCs put frost in the search bar and spawn the frost giant boss be sure your god mode is activated next one search for king and spawn depth boss kingpin the next one is search masseur and choose the sewer illumination the next enemy we need to spawn the possible now put down and choose default spawn and the selecting kill all spawn emesis you forget the trophies we only have two trophies left for killing some bosses the only reason why I didn't spawn all enemies at once is because when they ran away you don't get the trophy for it so Oprah admin panel again and search for spider spawn the chine spider then search for undead and spawn the undead dragon now go down again to keep all spawn npcs until next patrol it should be yours just in case check your trophies if you missed any trophy simply spawn the enemy and kill the enemy again so for the next step we need to build some stuff but you can't build in the starting area so you have to teleport open the world map and teleport to g5 press triangle to teleport this only works if your admin when done open your admin panel and go to buildings search for foundation choose the black ice reinforced wooden foundation hold the l2 button and press X to give yourself a full stack of it the next thing we need is a bed just search for bed and choose any bed you want hold l1 and open your shortcut menu choose the foundations and build a floor with it this will give us the trophy for creating your first building now open the shortcut menu again choose the path and place it anywhere for another trophy we still should meet a kill for the chapter one task so spawn any enemy you want and kill it with your weapon if necessary you can go to settings then choose server settings and look for combat there you can increase your player damage now open your inventory go to journey and we should only have one task left this should be craft a tool now the next step is very important go to Settings service settings and crafting set the first option 2.1 and the second option to zero open your admin panel and go to resources search for stone and give yourself five stones now search for branch and give yourself five branches these two atoms should be enough to craft a stone hatchet now open your inventory go right to crafting and choose the stone hatchet well done journey step completed now we should get the trophy for completing the first chapter so for the next step we need three more buildings search for the altar there are two so be sure to pick up the right one the next building we need is the blacksmith's bench so search for bench and choose the blacksmith bench and the last building we need is the wheel of pain so search for pain and choose the lesser wheel of pain you should find all three buildings in the shortcut menu so hold l1 and place all three buildings in your home now go to the altar and interact with it to get another trophy so Oprah admin panel again go right to gear and search for traction give yourself one or two now search for fiber choose fiber bendings which is a rope now go to spawn NPC put a four in the search bar and choose the black hand Plex me for Sumerian before we gonna fight with the blacksmith go to Settings service settings combat and set down the player damage to point what we actually don't want to kill the blacksmith we only want to knock him out now Ike rip your truncheon and knock their blacksmith down the plex move will have to laugh as a blue one and a red one bring down the blue life path with a truncheon to knock him out when the blacksmith is down choose your rope and press square to track the blacksmith to the wheel of pain interact with the wheel of pain and you should get another trophy now open the admin panel and search for cruel give yourself a full stack of it now go back to the wheel of pain interact with it by pressing the square button now choose the cruel and press the art to button to give it to the wheel of pain now when the cruel is in the wheel of pain press the l2 button quit out and get back into the wheel of pain now you should able to pick up the Flex move immediately this only work when you have set your crafting time multiplier to zero now go to the blacksmith bench and interact with it press the art to bumper to give the Magnificent to the blacksmith bench open the admin panel and go to the right side and search for iron bar give yourself a full stack of it now go back to the blacksmith bench and interact with it go to the right side and the crafting and search for the flawless iron mace crafting a flawless weapon will give as another troop so for the next drove is we only have to visit some places open the well pub and look for f/8 we need to get to the cow's mouth try to choose exactly the centre here if we have some luck we will spawn on the top of a building now jump down and we will get another trophy for falling more than three seconds without dying when you hit the ground chest run forward to the end of the bridge to end up the trophy works beyond the border this is for reaching the highlands if you don't get this trophy open your world map and teleport you a little bit outside of this area and simply run to this place again this should unlock the trophy if you don't get it on your first try now open the world map again and teleport to f12 when you're here just follow the path up to the volcano after reaching a certain point you should get trough with dying embers now we should only have two trophies left the next trophy will be very easy but the option to fly in the admin panel is broken on the PlayStation 4 so open the world map again and try a lakh on G 15 you should spawn on a big Mount when you spawn and sliding down press fast the X button camp up to the top of the mountain to get the trophy iron shadows in the moon this trophy is for reaching the skies above the XL lands if you play on xbox you can choose the option fly in the admin panel simply fly up in the air to get this trophy but like I said before this fly option is broken on PlayStation 4 so you have to climb up this mountain last but not least we have one online trophy left but it should be easy to find someone because the game is free at the moment so start a game but this time don't play offline play online you can also set a password and invite your friends so invite your friend and jump on his head now open the admin panel go right to buildings scroll down to front of skills but this will also work with any other item hold the l2 button and press X repeat this step a few times till your encumber then your friend will die and you will unlock the last trophy that tower of the elephant remember this only works with a human player I'm standing here on an NPC because they only want to show how you get this trophy so remember you need a human player does not work with an NPC so if you have any other questions leave a comment that I try to answer it I hope this guide could help you to get the platinum see you man next one


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