Commerce 2040: Technology Changing the Entertainment Landscape

by the year 2040 the live entertainment experience will change due to technological advancements the fan of the future will begin to craft that experience at home fans will use VR headsets to obtain a realistic view of their seat pre-order food and even select potential people to sit next to entertainment venues in 2040 we'll harness the latest technology to craft an interactive and personal experience keeping fans engaged and coming back to the venue event after event drones will fly high above the entertainment venue to provide fans with better views of the action both in the venue and at home once entering a stadium facial recognition gives season ticket holders a time estimate on how long it will take to get to their seat as well as options to update their seat or order food the stadium concourse will offer multiple dining options appealing to an individual's needs as well as social media worthy locations or sharing in their seats fans will use a our capabilities to get new layers of information such as performance stats which might include details such as a player's energy level food and drink options will be ordered directly from receipt and deliver to the fan or available for pickup from designated locations the future of live entertainment will shift from in seat to a choose-your-own-adventure experience redefining what it means to shop and play in 2040


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