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Thinking about making Gucci Gang the national anthem Hey what’s up What’s it like being a truck? What do you mean? I’m not a truck lol Profile pictures don’t lie. Lol I have other pics than my truck lol but I do love my truck That’s what a truck would say. My dad met Draymond Green Look who I met today, he is on the golden state warriors (candice d*ck fit in ur butt intensifies) Toast, adult stage in the life cycle of bread. Behold the American education system 5 Lil Pump songs playing at once this is what albert einstein listened to before he wrote the bible Every night i draw dicks on my feet so that if they go past the covers, a monster wont touch them cause that would be sum gay shit The bacteria that is currently in your gut, which helps you digest food, will eat your body after you die. It be your own nibbas y’all pussy …. No Nut November ??? LMAOOO …. us real ones out here doing No Nut 2018 …. …. by the end we gon be gods, controllin the weather …. …. doing addition in our heads and shit … … 3+81 ??? Easy … 84 dam wtf When you invite her over to play bionicles but she starts taking her clothes off my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined last to my cells a trying sentence (brain form two) James, we need to break up. Everyone of your friends is doing something with their lives, investing in real estate, you just keep reading about your stupid bitcoins. Hey James! How have you been? If I found a pot of gold I would shit How do you watch yourself not know the lyrics & still post the snap If, according to Kanye West, one good girl is worth a thousand bitches, and if, according to Lil Wayne, bitches come a dime a dozen, it means that one good girl is worth $8.33 USD (2015). thank you for this i need the equation you used for this (here it comes bOIS YOU ASKED) 1 good girl=1000 bitches 12 bitches=$0.10 1 bitches=$0.0083 1 good girl=1000 bitches x $0.0083/bitch 1 good girl=$8.33 1 good girl=$8.33 It’s your basic equation substitution method. You simplify the second equation from Lil Wayne (the blue one) and plug it into the original equation from Kanye (red one) and solve for the answer (green). i hate this website This could be a SAT question Yo as soon as Apple started naming phones with letters, things have been getting more hectic. They came out with the iPhone, “SE” then they came out with the iPhone “X”. Put it all together what does that spell? S E X. And the forbidden fruit??? That’s why they’re called…APPLE… My dad died last year when my family couldn’t remember his blood type in time for the paramedics to give him a blood transfusion. As he was dying he kept insisting “be positive”, but it’s hard without him. When she breaks up with you but you realize that means more money for car parts (jazz music stops) (jazz music contInues) Yo, bro. What are you up to? Did you know that minus four degrees looks like a dude taking a dump? -4° When you walk away from your computer but forgot you’re wearing earphones When it’s December 31st and someone says “see you next year!” 2017 has been a scooter to the ankle. are you fucking serious? I come home to see this and my brother changed all my contact to vines. I’m dead goodbye Check your contacts Ay MLK whats boppin It’s just MK now brodie Wh… the Y’all racists took that L My nephew’s faces on pillows for a Mother’s Day gift was a great idea in theory Teacher leaves the class for 0.003 seconds @norm Whats your biggest fear? Losing the trust of Young Metro. im a kid im 9 I’m 9 and 1/2 shut fuck up Can’t take niggas no where Santa look scared asf Just saw IT What did you see? I saw it You saw what? IT What is it? IT What’s it? You just keep saying “it” and it’s confusing me IT IS IT! WHAT IS IT? IT THE MOVIE “Found this cute bottle post” OPEN ME If you are reading this frick you dumb ass “no outside snacks permitted inside the movie theater” *xbox live* Me: y- WHITE 12 YEAR OLD: MY DAD WORKS FOR A HACKING COMPANY AND I COULD FIND OUT UR ADDRESS AND KILL UR FAMILY SO U BETTER STFU Shower sex is overrated fuck me in the microwave can you show me your vagina pic? send me vagina pic open sirt sen vageta pic I came from another planet in a secret mission. I heard Earth creatures hide strange machines to reproduction between women’s legs. It’s called Vagina. Show me it – right here, right now. Neither I will declare the war for the sake of peace in our universe for saving your planet. Show me it, human. It’s your chance to be a hero. Don’t forget destiny of humanity depends on you. (So… did he get the vagene or nahh) We all have about two minutes to live, but taking a breath resets the clock. Stop that Friendly reminder that Ed ate an entire slide because there was a pebble in his shoe. Well what else are you supposed to do You ugly as fuck YA FAT BUTT GORILLA BACK CRUST LIP BACON JELLY MAYONNAISE SANDWICH “HEY NORBIT” LOOKIN ASS BITCH nigga please, you look playing “peek a boo nigga” in your profile. crusty lookin anus chief keef dark skin YA CRISCO GREASE BLACK GUM ON DA SIDEWALK GINGIVITIS HALITOSIS HOT BREATH BOWSER DRAGON “WHOS THAT POKEMON” LOOKIN ASS BITCH FOH look at your ashy eyebrows nigga ouchea looking like a male madea U BIG HIPOPOTAMUS “FEEED ME SEYMOUR” LIL SHOP OF HORRORS DR.SUESS MONSTER GRIMACE FROM MCDONALDS LOOKIN ASS BITCH Y’all don’t want no smoke with me This the gun John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln with Why is there a coyote on a bus. because they can’t drive Hey can’t come to school today I’m dead we playing kahoot nigga you know no one knows which came first, chicken or egg ITS THE EGGS THEY PLANTS HOLLLYYY SHIT GET THE KIDS AND PACK THE CAR IM COMING HOME Illuminati don’t fucking move We look good as Mr. and Mrs.Incredible Nah more like violet and dash cuz u more like a brother to me “I got the sauce, raw sauce” I have obtain the sauce, which is particularly rare as it is not cooked in the proper way, hence the name “raw sauce” I have in my possession currently a sauce of the raw nature. This “sauce” I refer to is a mere symbol representing the amount of power and materialistic items I have obtained over my lifetime. This sauce is not to be confused with other ones produced by the company Heinz as it is raw or unaffected by current trends. The death toll in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew is 339. That’s what environmental racism looks like. #BlackLivesMatter I like my men mean what’s up u dumb bitch When you enter your room and your ocular organs locate a gluteus maximus of remarkable magnitude Rick Ross the type of nibba to look around then rub his hands together and say “don’t mind if I do” when he sees some doughnuts on a table. bitch what the fuck I’m tellin’ yo doctor you on yo phone again *snazzy music*


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