Comic-Con 2019: The Witcher: Henry Cavill On Becoming Geralt (Exclusive)

everyone has been wondering what are we going to do now that Game of Thrones has completed its run well we have the answer for you it's called The Witcher and we're joined by the cast today Henry Cavill Freya Allen and Daniel autre I did pretty good right yeah I did pretty good we're so excited to have you so this show has so much already buzzing about this is your new binge worthy show this is the new sort of one that you're gonna be watching are you guys prepared for what is about to happen to your lives I'm gonna answer for them absolutely not there is a way to prepare I mean it's it's almost an exciting run to get up to this but yeah once once this hits goes and everything changes and now this is you you're gonna be your comic-con before the storm as you say have you gotten a chance to enjoy every anything have you seen anyone out on the streets have you been able to not at all yeah we are so opposed to have actually someone dressed up as geralt and yennefer in our costumes that we even within those photos that we released yeah so that was pretty exciting and it was it's amazing and they looked incredible so everyone is talking about your luck even in the very quick trailer that we saw the look and then the drink the wig tell me all about coming up with your look well yeah okay we had the description in the book and Lauren and I went through many conversations by email and phone before we even met for the third time because we had a first meeting dinner audition and then we saw each other on set or application on location um we were just it was all about eyes and hair and the hair took a long time to get the wig right which took some amazing work by Jackie who does all my hair does my and it was it was tricky we had to get the skin tone right as well and Alva who does my makeup worked really hard on that and just found that right balance and we went through plenty of tests as you may have seen nice I know you saw one of them and we finally settled on something which I think we're already happy with what's it like when you're in your trailer and you're done and you look in the mirror and you're in that costume it's really cool badass definitely crosses your mind I mean and wearing the contacts was was one thing you had to wear for three hours at a time and then take him out yeah and so it was like I look really badass but my eyes are a little bit human but it definitely hope you get into character yeah when you're wearing all that gets up it's it's just a short step to get all from that funniest moment on set so far filming biggest in this hat there was I film I didn't mind her and he is so funny and I remember doing the transformation scene with him and my goodness like I could have walked out of that day feeling very depressed but because I had him on set it was hilarious keeping the mood light yet is it so funny to be in between takes and be like ha ha ha I find that really challenging but you know actors work very you know different actors work very different so that's exciting as well it just brings a new energy on set yeah really knows have you had anything yet there was one day where we had to spend the whole day just sitting in front of this table and have this disgusting meat on it which will really smell and it's just one of those bizarre days and and the actor who plays iced he couldn't pronounce this one word more hog and he and every tape he was just like I just can't get that right and he just was like what am I even saying and we all just couldn't stop laughing at the fact he just didn't know what he was talking about and the smell of me is just me yeah as well no doubt you know Henry you have said that you may be in the best shape of your life this is crazy because you're also Superman so I feel like Superman was probably like the best shape like how is it possible to be better than Superman um well it's hard every time you get into shape before I get to shape for a movie or a TV show it's always trying to upgrade from the last one and my trainer Dave Rienzi is absolutely fantastic and he he pushes me to the point where it's the absolute maximum for that job and then in the interim between jobs we'll try and work to improve it and then on the next job again just try and push the envelope a little more and so yeah each time if I'm doing it right I should be in better shape in theory how can you tell you're in better shape like you just benchpress more you can like pick up more trucks it's all based on uh yeah trucks I can pick up it's uh no it's because we are working in a medium of film yeah it's all about the aesthetic and it's how one looks and so if one looks a certain degree better than you look previously and some people won't notice a difference but people like myself and Dave do because we're we're going through the finite process of changing things but yeah that and also your fitness I do a charity run every year the dollar challenge and it gets easier every year and so it's also a good way of measuring it guys get heavier every year as well so it's a good sign so on my off day I'll eat like a deep-dish pizza what's your like you know when you're off off yeah it is if you say like a vegetable dish no no no no no absolutely not no I I go I go crazy when I have I have a cheap meal Oh pouchy day okay what's the meal um it is often pizza he does it go to but burgers are really good one and sushi can be a good one too because you can eat just vast amounts of it and it when you compare it to what I normally eat it's interesting okay I know sushi is only consider a real big bear so it has been reported that you didn't immediately land this role right Lauren who's here Lauren she they actually passed over you for the first they were like no thanks and then so what is the process of you landing this well ie when I heard they were making the Richard I obviously was incredibly excited and I annoyed the living daylights out of my agents and I kept I call him every day and said guys now meeting now how about now and they eventually said look they've brought on a showrunner and we've called them and they said look we're not even close to that process yet and I kept on pushing pushing pushing eventually I think Netflix has got tired Lauren so I was like okay fine we'll meet the guy and i'm if i sat down with lauren we had a great conversation about about the show where was going and and my passion for it as well and and then she was very frank with me the time said look we haven't even started the process of casting yet it was great to meet you but we've got a long way to go yeah I've got to start writing as well and so it was then I think was a full month break or something after that and it was I was just hoping that when they came around all the other casting and everything and it's important that the right casting process is done you can't just hire the first person who walks into the room and I was fortunate enough to land the role and after my audition which was was fun it was it was nerve-wracking obviously because I really really really wanted it yeah but got there at the end and Here I am now and so what's I like in the hallway when there's like all the other guys that are up for the same role as you and you're staring them down and you're like you don't even know me I've been calling there thankfully thankfully I did not have to go to that process it was because they were right at the end of their casting process and they said to themselves I'm sure something more lines of let's bring Henry and just hear him read and see what he has to do and at the time wasn't on holiday of Florida and actually it was quite a big story about cow that particular night before I left to fly to New York to have this meeting but yeah I got zero sleep that night because of what happened to Gale and then he had the audition and it went well but it's just me I just flew into New York – yeah I love that okay so we talked about it a little bit but filling the void of Game of Thrones a lot of people like everyone on the planet is saying this is the this is what all the millions and millions of Game of Thrones fans are going to move over to do you feel I haven't watched Game of Thrones so I can't comment but I do feel like The Witcher is something it's we've created a whole new world and there's a lot of magical elements in in this world that I don't think Game of Thrones has so yeah it's it's it's something completely different and if the fans want to compare the two and yeah then that's very flattering right it's it's its own show yeah and it it has obviously it's the genre fans but there's a lot of prominent themes that aren't necessarily as prominent in gamma forever I think it's best to look at it is it's not compare what's the best way to watch so we have we live tweet shows we have watch parties where we dress up in full costumes and not saying that I do it every week but you know this happens so what are you suggesting to your fandom is the best way to watch the show cool guys choose yeah full cost me hunt amazing yeah I thought and oh sweet you and Instagram you and you'll see it and alright last thing before we bring Lauren in because she's here and I want to hear from her about this casting process I know that during Sherlock Holmes you worked with Milly Bobby Brown and I'm wondering if there's any chance that they you will pop up on stranger things i Netflix I I don't know I mean if there's a role which is I'm suited for maybe and I'm the right guy for it then there's a chance wasn't like working with her she's incredible she really is she's an absolute character fantastic actress and I haven't finished the job yet I'm still working on it and I'm looking forward to the next day's shooting with her yeah yeah extraordinary Vegas do you want stranger things but I have a feeling it's gonna be very very busy there's a lot going on all right let's bring in your EP this is Lauren come on in you're gonna switch seats with Henry there because he's you it's wall it's so nice to see you hey so tell me about this casting stitch when did you first hear from Henry's annoying agent really really early before we had a script before we were casting before we really knew anything about the show okay no no that went lying yeah no definitely not um no you know casting Henry casting onion and Freya was all like each of the casting processes is really different you've heard about Henry's already Anna was actually the first person that we cast and it was incredible because I was flying back and forth between London where I was in the writers room her Los Angeles to London and I think you were sort of pre-screened by Sophie and then we went in and read Aniyah and there was the scene that we have written we had fake sides basically because we knew they were going to leak yeah so I went ahead and said like these are not real singing Oh sneaky and but there was a scene where yennefer was eating an apple and eating and I'm kind of getting grossed out and do you remember we went through how many apples we were so many apples and there was a point in the scene where and it would take up under the Apple and then spit it out everywhere and was like wiping it off her face and we would finish the seed and then and it would scramble around and pick up all the chewed up pieces of Apple be translated it's okay you can be in it vide was such a great it was such a great sort of indicator of how beautiful we wanted I think into the character yeah and then you know casting Fran is Siri Siri was a really tough casting process and we actually started by looking at someone much much younger Siri in the books is around 11 yeah and we started there and very quickly we sort of aged up the process but what's great about Freya is she was actually cast as another role at first a much much smaller role in the first episode and when we hadn't found our Syria yeah we had seen over 200 girls and we hadn't found our Siri and Sophie Holland our casting director said I want I want you to think about Fran for this and I remember saying how are we gonna call phrase agent and say we know we cast you it's not that we don't want you for that role but we may want you for something slightly slightly bigger and I flew into London and we met and and castrated that day so that each of these processes were totally different but like okay you guys it's amazing last thing before you have to go when Henry at the end is pulled in for the final audition after he has been like I'm so passionate you've met or whatever did you have it in the back of your mind like this is our guy or were there others real contenders where you're like it's um it's funny you know so it was you can be honest yeah I mean right behind you you know what's funny and Henry actually knows this is that after our first meeting we met with tons of other potential gerelds and by that point I was writing a lot of the scenes and I always had Henry's voice in my head so when we finally when I finally said will you come in and actually like read me some lines so I can actually hear your voice not just in my head when when Henry left the day that day it was myself and Sophie holiday now let's hack her off our director and we'd all just looked each other and smiled and we knew it was done it was them telling each of these rules was that day we knew we had it so it's auditioning the auditioning process is nerve-racking it's never come you never feel like you've nailed it oh it's because you're in a room when you want it more and more every every time how many times did you come in three times three times yeah Wow well listen congratulations to all of you get ready it's gonna be a ride we're so happy and thank you for taking the time at comic-con to come sit down with Entertainment Tonight and give us some insight into the way the show went together can't wait to see it and good luck thanks


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