Comic-Con 2019: The Walking Dead (Full Interview)

hey everyone I'm Liana Galera and Ichi is coming at you live from Comic Con with three of the stars from The Walking Dead hey guys happy Comic Con to you thank you so much for taking time out of your crazy con weekend to come sit down with us congratulations mr. berry first Comic Con is it a lot to take in yeah doesn't actually really busy meeting everybody when you guys have such an amazing panel yesterday we now know that the Walking Dead is coming out on October 6 yeah our first look at an unbelievable season 10 trailer what was it like for you guys to be able to see such a long trailer it wasn't really working hard for such a long time yeah there's a lot of shockers in there you have a certain female friend of mine kissing a king which kind of pisses Darrell off a bit we got a really good bad guy this season there's a lot going on right yeah there's a lot but that was my first time seeing each other yeah and that was your first Hall H panel yes was a lot yeah she was the most professional one up on that stage they asked her a question and she man straight off just like unsetting yeah exactly like on set she knows her lines and our lines better than we do okay I gotta know what are these guys like on set oh yes like it's not well yeah but good try but so here's the thing here we go there's a swear jar but people don't want to pay so there's a full word cost different amounts that's how it was in the beginning and then people got mad because especially dance because I was like I would always hang out with him and like off of set and then he would save so many things and then he didn't want to pay and so now there's only certain words and they all cost the same to only they're really bad Chandler did the same thing just wedge' yeah it would pay for college if we paid up and she could retire yeah there's no way I'm paying I I mixed events later day to day two I was like that we can't do this anymore let's talk about season ten you're gearing up for a whispers war just a bit of a tongue twister why is this gonna be unlike any other battle we've seen on The Walking Dead oh it's different there's it's there's a whole theme of paranoia this year because you don't know who's who and it's starting to cause a rift within the groups on who you can trust and their spies it's a whole creepy way of doing things this year what that's a swear dollar Meighan actually gets you get out of his cell this year's legs a little bit about that you know I remember last year at the beginning of the season Angela the showrunner and I talking about you know the a year in the cell and I thought at the time oh this would be cool well maybe this will be as an actor this is gonna be quite a way to go and then after like midway through the season I was going crazy I literally was going stir-crazy so to get out again and act with some people has been it's good for me and Megan okay lead Judith is such a little firecracker just like yourself but I'm curious to know what are your favorite types of scenes to shoot do you like the action scenes the more emotional scenes I like to kill walkers and you're very good at them it's kind of like you have to make up need to get you like a signature weapon just calm she's gotta choose between one all bullets are bullets or you're kind of running that a bullet yeah excuse 20 barrels we're about to see when you shot me it was the one thing cuz yeah yeah negan doesn't shut up so it was like four minutes of her why this just put it down actually but most of the time you're the most picked up girl answered I gotta say her like amazing one of my favorite things about the trailer was so much Carol and Daryl goodness in it fly the ship bracelets I felt like my heart was gonna explode how does it feel knowing that you got to have so many seeds and fullness of this year I mean there's so many die-hard care of their about their you know that I mean that scene was a very sweet scene but I got a Melissa's lovely but carol has been a real pain in my butt for Daryl this season I will say is what I sweat word I swear yeah pain in my butt yeah thank you thank you but it's I love working with Melissa she's she's dynamite we have such a good rapport and we're good friends and we have fun see for me when Ezekiel and deny kiss I was like this no I thought it opened the door for you and Carol I know if it's this year but um because like I say she's a little bit Craig gray this year but I mean you know never say never but I don't know she's she's a problem your two besties in here right now we have your on screen bestie Kayla claim Judith and then we have your off-street investing so we're gonna play the besties friend okay if your bestie was hungry on set what would you bring him person have to find you like you just want I was gonna say skittles okay so maybe seem to me Jane fonder no you haven't when your best seat when you can't find your bestie in between takes on set what is he usually doing Taylor yeah chillin – trailer or he'll sit down music and to learn more lives lastly what is your favorite part about working with your bestie its motorcycle lane will teach I'm not working more me to Saturday we have nice chemistry but will we get to see a little bit more of a crossover between vegan and Darrell because they've had a little bit of a head-butting relationship but I feel like they might need to put their past aside and come together this year I think that I think that's the direction that we could be heading I think the whispers are an enemy that all hands on deck and I think that Darrell recognizes that and and I think that the the these two characters may find a little bit of common ground within within this world which is kind of fun but just able to work with him this year it's been a long time and we've never really worked together so to have a couple scenes together it has been a joy hashtag diggin diggin yeah maro half state sounds like a big uns better than the again and then we just want Judas to be friends with everyone so that's what I've written oh yeah it's really rocks yeah this is great thank you guys so much moving down with me I really appreciate it thank you so much Walking Dead fans for watching keep it locked ET from delightful Comic Con the rest of the day you


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